Pragh: Locality-preserving Graph Traversal with Split Live Migration


Xiating Xie, Xingda Wei, Rong Chen, and Haibo Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Many real-world data like social, transportation, biology, and communication data can be efficiently modeled as a graph. Hence, graph traversal such as multi-hop or graph-walking queries has been key operations atop graph stores. However, since different graph traversals may touch different sets of data, it is hard or even impossible to have a one-size-fits-all graph partitioning algorithm that preserves access locality for various graph traversal workloads. Meanwhile, prior shard-based migration faces a dilemma such that coarse-grained migration may incur more migration overhead over increased locality benefits, while fine-grained migration usually requires excessive metadata and incurs non-trivial maintenance cost. This paper proposes Pragh, an efficient locality-preserving live graph migration scheme for graph store in the form of key-value pairs. The key idea of Pragh is a split migration model which only migrates values physically while retains keys in the initial location. This allows fine-grained migration while avoiding the need to maintain excessive metadata. Pragh integrates an RDMA-friendly location cache from DrTM-KV to provide fully-localized accesses to migrated data and further makes a novel reuse of the cache replacement policy for lightweight monitoring. Pragh further supports evolving graphs through a check-and-forward mechanism to resolve the conflict between updates and migration of graph data. Evaluations on an 8-node RDMA-capable cluster using a representative graph traversal benchmark show that Pragh can increase the throughput by up to 19× and decrease the median latency by up to 94%, thanks to split live migration that eliminates 97% remote accesses. A port of split live migration to Wukong with up to 2.53× throughput improvement further confirms the effectiveness and generality of Pragh.

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