LUMOS: Dependency-Driven Disk-based Graph Processing


Keval Vora, Simon Fraser University


Out-of-core graph processing systems are well-optimized to maintain sequential locality on disk and minimize the amount of disk I/O per iteration. Even though the sparsity in real-world graphs provides opportunities for out-of-order execution, these systems often process graphs iteration-by-iteration, hence providing Bulk Synchronous Parallel (synchronous for short) mode of processing which is also a preferred choice for easier programmability. Since out-of-core setting limits the view of entire graph and constrains the processing order to maintain disk locality, exploiting out-of-order execution while simultaneously providing synchronous processing guarantees is challenging. In this paper we develop a generic dependency-driven out-of-core graph processing technique, called Lumos, that performs out-of-order execution to proactively propagate values across iterations while simultaneously providing synchronous processing guarantees. Our cross-iteration value propagation technique identifies future dependencies that can be safely satisfied, and actively computes values across those dependencies without sacrificing disk locality. This eliminates the need to load the corresponding portions of graph in future iterations, hence reducing disk I/O and accelerating the overall processing.

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