Mitigating Asymmetric Read and Write Costs in Cuckoo Hashing for Storage Systems


Yuanyuan Sun, Yu Hua, Zhangyu Chen, and Yuncheng Guo, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


In storage systems, cuckoo hash tables have been widely used to support fast query services. For a read, the cuckoo hashing delivers real-time access with $O(1)$ lookup complexity via open-addressing approach. For a write, most concurrent cuckoo hash tables fail to efficiently address the problem of endless loops during item insertion due to the essential property of hash collisions. The asymmetric feature of cuckoo hashing exhibits fast-read-slow-write performance, which often becomes the bottleneck from single-thread writes. In order to address the problem of asymmetric performance and significantly improve the write/insert efficiency, we propose an optimized Concurrent Cuckoo hashing scheme, called CoCuckoo. To predetermine the occurrence of endless loops, CoCuckoo leverages a directed pseudoforest containing several subgraphs to leverage the cuckoo paths that represent the relationship among items. CoCuckoo exploits the observation that the insertion operations sharing a cuckoo path access the same subgraph, and hence a lock is needed for ensuring the correctness of concurrency control via allowing only one thread to access the shared path at a time; Insertion operations accessing different subgraphs are simultaneously executed without collisions. CoCuckoo improves the throughput performance by a graph-grained locking to support concurrent writes and reads. We have implemented all components of CoCuckoo and extensive experiments using the YCSB benchmark have demonstrated the efficiency and efficacy of our proposed scheme.

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