Solar: Towards a Shared-Everything Database on Distributed Log-Structured Storage


Tao Zhu, East China Normal University; Zhuoyue Zhao and Feifei Li, University of Utah; Weining Qian and Aoying Zhou, East China Normal University; Dong Xie and Ryan Stutsman, University of Utah; Haining Li, Bank of Communications; Huiqi Hu, East China Normal University; Bank of Communications


Efficient transaction processing over large databases is a key requirement for many mission-critical applications. Though modern databases have achieved good performance through horizontal partitioning, their performance deteriorates when cross-partition distributed transactions have to be executed. This paper presents Solar, a distributed relational database system that has been successfully deployed at a large commercial bank. The key features of Solar include: 1) a shared-everything architecture based on a two-layer log-structured merge-tree; 2) a new concurrency control algorithm that works with the log-structured storage, which ensures efficient and non-blocking transaction processing even when the storage layer is compacting data among nodes in the background; 3) fine-grained data access to effectively minimize and balance network communication within the cluster. According to our empirical evaluations on TPC-C, Smallbank and a real-world workload, Solar outperforms the existing shared-nothing systems by up to 50x when there are close to or more than 5% distributed transactions.

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