USENIX ATC '18 Poster Sessions

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Wednesday Poster Session and Happy Hour

The following posters will be presented during the Poster Session and Happy Hour on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, from 6:30 pm–8:00 pm, in the Essex Ballroom South and Foyer.

Tributary: spot-dancing for elastic services with latency SLOs
Aaron Harlap and Andrew Chung, Carnegie Mellon University; Alexey Tumanov, UC Berkeley; Gregory R. Ganger and Phillip B. Gibbons, Carnegie Mellon University (Paper and Poster)

FastTrack: Foreground App-Aware I/O Management for Improving User Experience of Android Smartphones
Sangwook Shane Hahn, Seoul National University; Sungjin Lee, DGIST; Inhyuk Yee, AIBrain Asia; Donguk Ryu, Samsung Electronics; Jihong Kim, Seoul National University (Paper and Poster)

Mainstream: Dynamic Stem-Sharing for Multi-Tenant Video Processing
Angela H. Jiang, Daniel L.-K. Wong, Christopher Canel, Lilia Tang, and Ishan Misra, Carnegie Mellon University; Michael Kaminsky, Michael A. Kozuch, and Padmanabhan Pillai, Intel Labs; David G. Andersen and Gregory R. Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University (Paper and Poster)

VideoChef: Efficient Approximation for Streaming Video Processing Pipelines
Ran Xu, Jinkyu Koo, Rakesh Kumar, and Peter Bai, Purdue University; Subrata Mitra, Adobe Research; Sasa Misailovic, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Saurabh Bagchi, Purdue University (Paper and Poster)

SOCK: Rapid Task Provisioning with Serverless-Optimized Containers
Edward Oakes, Leon Yang, Dennis Zhou, and Kevin Houck, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Tyler Harter, Microsoft, GSL; Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau and Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Paper and Poster)

DynaMix: Dynamic Mobile Device Integration for Efficient Cross-device Resource Sharing
Dongju Chae, POSTECH; Joonsung Kim and Gwangmu Lee, Seoul National University; Hanjun Kim, POSTECH; Kyung-Ah Chang and Hyogun Lee, Samsung Electronics; Jangwoo Kim, Seoul National University (Paper and Poster)

The Battle of the Schedulers: FreeBSD ULE vs. Linux CFS
Justinien Bouron, Sebastien Chevalley, Baptiste Lepers, and Willy Zwaenepoel, EPFL; Redha Gouicem, Julia Lawall, Gilles Muller, and Julien Sopena, Sorbonne University/Inria/LIP6 (Paper and Poster)

The Design and Implementation of Hyperupcalls
Nadav Amit and Michael Wei, VMware Research (Paper and Poster)

AIQL: Enabling Efficient Attack Investigation from System Monitoring Data
Peng Gao, Princeton University; Xusheng Xiao, Case Western Reserve University; Zhichun Li and Kangkook Jee, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.; Fengyuan Xu, National Key Lab for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University; Sanjeev R. Kulkarni and Prateek Mittal, Princeton University (Paper and Poster)

Application Memory Isolation on Ultra-Low-Power MCUs
Taylor Hardin, Dartmouth College; Ryan Scott, Clemson University; Patrick Proctor, Dartmouth College; Josiah Hester, Northwestern University; Jacob Sorber, Clemson University; David Kotz, Dartmouth College (Paper and Poster)

Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms
Liang Wang, UW-Madison; Mengyuan Li and Yinqian Zhang, The Ohio State University; Thomas Ristenpart, Cornell Tech; Michael Swift, UW-Madison (Paper and Poster)

Soteria: Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis
Z. Berkay Celik, Patrick McDaniel, and Gang Tan, The Pennsylvania State University (Paper and Poster)

Scaling Guest OS Critical Sections with eCS
Sanidhya Kashyap, Georgia Institute of Technology; Changwoo Min, Virginia Tech; Taesoo Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology (Paper and Poster)

KylinX: A Dynamic Library Operating System for Simplified and Efficient Cloud Virtualization
Yiming Zhang, NiceX Lab, NUDT; Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge; Dongsheng Li and Chengfen Zhang, NUDT; Huiba Li, Alibaba; Yaozheng Wang and Kai Yu, NUDT; Yongqiang Xiong, Microsoft; Guihai Chen, SJTU (Paper and Poster)

Virtualizing Energy Storage Management Using RAIBA
Tzi-cker Chiueh, Mao-Cheng Huang, Kai-Cheung Juang, Shih-Hao Liang, and Welkin Ling, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Paper and Poster)

Cntr: Lightweight OS Containers
Jörg Thalheim and Pramod Bhatotia, University of Edinburgh; Pedro Fonseca, University of Washington; Baris Kasikci, University of Michigan (Paper and Poster)

Throwhammer: Rowhammer Attacks over the Network and Defenses
Andrei Tatar and Radhesh Krishnan Konoth, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Elias Athanasopoulos, University of Cyprus; Cristiano Giuffrida, Herbert Bos, and Kaveh Razavi, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Paper and Poster)

Varys: Protecting SGX enclaves from practical side-channel attacks
Oleksii Oleksenko, Bohdan Trach, Robert Krahn, and André Martin, TU Dresden; Mark Silberstein, Technion; Christof Fetzer, TU Dresden (Paper and Poster)

Kernel-Supported Cost-Effective Audit Logging for Causality Tracking
Shiqing Ma, Purdue University; Juan Zhai, Nanjing University; Yonghwi Kwon, Purdue University; Kyu Hyung Lee, University of Georgia; Xiangyu Zhang, Purdue University; Gabriela Ciocarlie, Ashish Gehani, and Vinod Yegneswaran, SRI International; Dongyan Xu, Purdue University; Somesh Jha, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Paper and Poster)

EPTI: Efficient Defence against Meltdown Attack for Unpatched VMs
Zhichao Hua, Dong Du, Yubin Xia, Haibo Chen, and Binyu Zang, Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Paper and Poster)

Effectively Mitigating I/O Inactivity in vCPU Scheduling
Weiwei Jia, The University of Hong Kong, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Cheng Wang and Xusheng Chen, The University of Hong Kong; Jianchen Shan and Xiaowei Shang, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Heming Cui, The University of Hong Kong; Xiaoning Ding, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Luwei Cheng, Facebook; Francis C. M. Lau and Yuexuan Wang, The University of Hong Kong; Yuangang Wang, Huawei (Paper and Poster)

Placement of Virtual Containers on NUMA systems: A Practical and Comprehensive Model
Justin Funston, Maxime Lorrillere, and Alexandra Fedorova, University of British Columbia; Baptiste Lepers, EPFL; David Vengerov and Jean-Pierre Lozi, Oracle Labs; Vivien Quéma, IMAG (Paper and Poster)

Getting to the Root of Concurrent Binary Search Tree Performance
Maya Arbel-Raviv, Technion; Trevor Brown, IST Austria; Adam Morrison, Tel Aviv University (Paper and Poster)

TerseCades: Efficient Data Compression in Stream Processing
Gennady Pekhimenko, University of Toronto; Chuanxiong Guo, Bytedance Inc.; Myeongjae Jeon, Microsoft Research; Peng Huang, Johns Hopkins University; Lidong Zhou, Microsoft Research (Paper and Poster)

D3N: A multi-level cache for improving big-data applications' performance in datacenters with imbalanced networks
Emine Ugur Kaynar, Boston University; Mohammad Hossein Hajkazemi and Mania Abdi, Northeastern University; Ata Turk and Raja R Sambasivan, Boston University; Larry Rudolph, Two Sigma; David Cohen, Intel; Peter Desnoyers, Northeastern University; Orran Krieger, Boston University (Poster Only)

Application-level Congestion Control: Overcoming TCP’s limitations in Cellular Networks
Yasir Zaki and Thomas Pötsch, New York University Abu Dhabi; Talal Ahmad, New York University; Tai Liu, New York University Abu Dhabi; Arjuna Sathiaseelan, Gaius Networks; Jay Chen, New York University Abu Dhabi; Lakshmi Subramanian, New York University (Poster Only)

DCUDA: Dynamic GPU Sharing via Live Migration
Fan Guo, University of Science and Technology of China; Junping Zhao, Dell EMC; Yongkun Li, University of Science and Technology of China; Kun Wang, Dell EMC; Yinlong Xu, University of Science and Technology of China; John C. S. Lui, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Poster Only)

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Thursday Poster Session and Reception

The following posters will be presented during the Poster Session and Reception on Thursday, July 12, 2018, from 6:30 pm–8:30 pm in the Essex Ballroom South.

Troubleshooting Transiently-Recurring Errors in Production Systems with Blame-Proportional Logging
Liang Luo, University of Washington; Suman Nath, Lenin Ravindranath Sivalingam, and Madan Musuvathi, Microsoft Research; Luis Ceze, University of Washington (Paper and Poster)

NanoLog: A Nanosecond Scale Logging System
Stephen Yang, Seo Jin Park, and John Ousterhout, Stanford University (Paper and Poster)

Model Governance: Reducing the Anarchy of Production ML
Vinay Sridhar, Sriram Subramanian, Dlucardo Arteaga, Swaminathan Sundararaman, Drew Roselli, and Nisha Talagala, ParallelM (Paper and Poster)

Fine-grained consistency for geo-replicated systems
Cheng Li, University of Science and Technology of China; Nuno Preguica, NOVA LINCS & FCT, Univ. NOVA de Lisboa; Rodrigo Rodrigues, INESC-ID & Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa (Paper and Poster)

Log-Free Concurrent Data Structures
Tudor David, IBM Research, Zurich; Aleksandar Dragojevic, MSR Cambridge; Rachid Guerraoui and Igor Zablotchi, EPFL (Paper and Poster)

Stable and consistent membership at scale with Rapid
Lalith Suresh, Dahlia Malkhi, and Parikshit Gopalan, VMware Research; Ivan Porto Carreiro, One Concern; Zeeshan Lokhandwala, VMware (Paper and Poster)

On Smart Query Routing: For Distributed Graph Querying with Decoupled Storage
Arijit Khan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Gustavo Segovia, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Donald Kossmann, Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA (Paper and Poster)

Locality-Aware Software Throttling for Sparse Matrix Operation on GPUs
Yanhao Chen and Ari B. Hayes, Rutgers University; Chi Zhang, University of Pittsburgh; Timothy Salmon and Eddy Z. Zhang, Rutgers University (Paper and Poster)

Accelerating PageRank using Partition-Centric Processing
Kartik Lakhotia, University of Southern California; Rajgopal Kannan, US Army Research Lab; Viktor Prasanna, University of Southern California (Paper and Poster)

CGraph: A Correlations-aware Approach for Efficient Concurrent Iterative Graph Processing
Yu Zhang, Xiaofei Liao, Hai Jin, and Lin Gu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Ligang He, University of Warwick; Bingsheng He, National University of Singapore; Haikun Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Paper and Poster)

Don't share, Don't lock: Large-scale Software Connection Tracking with Krononat
Fabien André, Stéphane Gouache, Nicolas Le Scouarnec, and Antoine Monsifrot, Technicolor (Paper and Poster)

Accurate Timeout Detection Despite Arbitrary Processing Delays
Sixiang Ma and Yang Wang, The Ohio State University (Paper and Poster)

Improving Service Availability of Cloud Systems by Predicting Disk Error
Yong Xu and Kaixin Sui, Microsoft Research, China; Randolph Yao, Microsoft Azure, USA; Hongyu Zhang, The University of Newcastle, Australia; Qingwei Lin, Microsoft Research, China; Yingnong Dang, Microsoft Azure, USA; Peng Li, Nankai University, China; Keceng Jiang, Wenchi Zhang, and Jian-Guang Lou, Microsoft Research, China; Murali Chintalapati, Microsoft Azure, USA; Dongmei Zhang, Microsoft Research, China (Paper and Poster)

RAFI: Risk-Aware Failure Identification to Improve the RAS in Erasure-coded Data Centers
Juntao Fang, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, Huazhong University of Sci. and Tech.; Shenggang Wan, School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Sci. and Tech.; Xubin He, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Temple University (Paper and Poster)

Siphon: Expediting Inter-Datacenter Coflows in Wide-Area Data Analytics
Shuhao Liu, Li Chen, and Baochun Li, University of Toronto (Paper and Poster)

PerfIso: Performance Isolation for Commercial Latency-Sensitive Services
Călin Iorgulescu, EPFL; Reza Azimi, Brown University; Youngjin Kwon, U. Texas at Austin; Sameh Elnikety, Manoj Syamala, and Vivek Narasayya, Microsoft Research; Herodotos Herodotou, Cyprus University of Technology; Paulo Tomita, Alex Chen, Jack Zhang, and Junhua Wang, Microsoft Bing (Paper and Poster)

On the diversity of cluster workloads and its impact on research results
George Amvrosiadis, Jun Woo Park, Gregory R. Ganger, and Garth A. Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University; Elisabeth Baseman and slaNathan DeBardeleben, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Paper and Poster)

SLAOrchestrator: Reducing the Cost of Performance SLAs in the Cloud
Jennifer Ortiz, Brendan Lee, and Magdalena Balazinska, University of Washington; Johannes Gehrke, Microsoft; Joseph L. Hellerstein, eScience Institute (Paper and Poster)

Spindle: Informed Memory Access Monitoring
Haojie Wang, Tsinghua University, Qatar Computing Research Institute; Jidong Zhai, Tsinghua University; Xiongchao Tang, Tsinghua University, Qatar Computing Research Institute; Bowen Yu, Tsinghua University; Xiaosong Ma, Qatar Computing Research Institute; Wenguang Chen, Tsinghua University (Paper and Poster)

Touchstone: Generating Enormous Query-Aware Test Databases
Yuming Li and Rong Zhang, East China Normal University; Xiaoyan Yang and Zhenjie Zhang, Singapore R&D, Yitu Technology Ltd.; Aoying Zhou, East China Normal University (Paper and Poster)

DSAC: Effective Static Analysis of Sleep-in-Atomic-Context Bugs in Kernel Modules
Jia-Ju Bai and Yu-Ping Wang, Tsinghua University; Julia Lawall, Sorbonne Université/Inria/LIP6; Shi-Min Hu, Tsinghua University (Paper and Poster)

Coccinelle: 10 Years of Automated Evolution in the Linux Kernel
Julia Lawall and Gilles Muller, Sorbonne University/Inria/LIP6 (Paper and Poster)

Albis: High-Performance File Format for Big Data Systems
Animesh Trivedi, Patrick Stuedi, Jonas Pfefferle, Adrian Schuepbach, and Bernard Metzler, IBM Research, Zurich (Paper and Poster)

Litz: Elastic Framework for High-Performance Distributed Machine Learning
Aurick Qiao, Petuum, Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University; Abutalib Aghayev, Carnegie Mellon University; Weiren Yu, Petuum, Inc. and Beihang University; Haoyang Chen and Qirong Ho, Petuum, Inc.; Garth A. Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University and Vector Institute; Eric P. Xing, Petuum, Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University (Paper and Poster)

Putting the "Micro" Back in Microservice
Sol Boucher, Anuj Kalia, and David G. Andersen, Carnegie Mellon University; Michael Kaminsky, Intel Labs (Paper and Poster)

Fast and Concurrent RDF Queries using RDMA-assisted GPU Graph Exploration
Siyuan Wang, Chang Lou, Rong Chen, and Haibo Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Paper and Poster)

MDev-NVMe: A NVMe Storage Virtualization Solution with Mediated Pass-Through
Bo Peng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Intel; Haozhong Zhang, Intel; Jianguo Yao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Yaozu Dong, Intel; Yu Xu and Haibing Guan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Paper and Poster)

AutoSSD: an Autonomic SSD Architecture
Bryan S. Kim, Seoul National University; Hyun Suk Yang, Hongik University; Sang Lyul Min, Seoul National University (Paper and Poster)

Geriatrix: Aging what you see and what you don’t see. A file system aging approach for modern storage systems
Saurabh Kadekodi, Vaishnavh Nagarajan, and Gregory R. Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University; Garth A. Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University, Vector Institute (Paper and Poster)

Can't We All Get Along? Redesigning Protection Storage for Modern Workloads
Yamini Allu, Fred Douglis, Mahesh Kamat, Ramya Prabhakar, Philip Shilane, and Rahul Ugale, Dell EMC (Paper and Poster)

STMS: Improving MPTCP Throughput Under Heterogeneous Networks
Hang Shi and Yong Cui, Tsinghua University; Xin Wang, Stony Brook University; Yuming Hu and Minglong Dai, Tsinghua University; Fanzhao Wang and Kai Zheng, Huawei Technologies (Paper and Poster)

Pantheon: the training ground for Internet congestion-control research
Francis Y. Yan, Jestin Ma, and Greg D. Hill, Stanford University; Deepti Raghavan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Riad S. Wahby, Philip Levis, and Keith Winstein, Stanford University (Paper and Poster)

ClickNF: a Modular Stack for Custom Network Functions
Massimo Gallo and Rafael Laufer, Nokia Bell Labs (Paper and Poster)

Selecta: Heterogeneous Cloud Storage Configuration for Data Analytics
Ana Klimovic, Stanford University; Heiner Litz, UC Santa Cruz; Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford University (Paper and Poster)

Remote regions: a simple abstraction for remote memory
Marcos K. Aguilera, Nadav Amit, Irina Calciu, Xavier Deguillard, Jayneel Gandhi, Stanko Novakovic, Arun Ramanathan, Pratap Subrahmanyam, Lalith Suresh, Kiran Tati, Rajesh Venkatasubramanian, and Michael Wei, VMware (Paper and Poster)

Understanding Ephemeral Storage for Serverless Analytics
Ana Klimovic, Yawen Wang, and Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford University; Patrick Stuedi, Jonas Pfefferle, and Animesh Trivedi, IBM Research (Paper and Poster)

Solar: Towards a Shared-Everything Database on Distributed Log-Structured Storage
Tao Zhu, East China Normal University; Zhuoyue Zhao and Feifei Li, University of Utah; Weining Qian and Aoying Zhou, East China Normal University; Dong Xie and Ryan Stutsman, University of Utah; Haining Li, Bank of Communications; Huiqi Hu, East China Normal University; Bank of Communications (Paper and Poster)

Toward Coordination-free and Reconfigurable Mixed Concurrency Control
Dixin Tang and Aaron J. Elmore, University of Chicago (Paper and Poster)

Scaling Hardware Accelerated Network Monitoring to Concurrent and Dynamic Queries With *Flow
John Sonchack, University of Pennsylvania; Oliver Michel, University of Colorado Boulder; Adam J. Aviv, United States Naval Academy; Eric Keller, University of Colorado Boulder; Jonathan M. Smith, University of Pennsylvania (Paper and Poster)

Applying Hardware Transactional Memory for Concurrency-Bug Failure Recovery in Production Runs
Yuxi Chen, Shu Wang, and Shan Lu, University of Chicago; Karthikeyan Sankaralingam, University of Wisconsin -- Madison (Paper and Poster)

Tailwind: Fast and Atomic RDMA-based Replication
Yacine Taleb, Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA; Ryan Stutsman, University of Utah; Gabriel Antoniu, Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA; Toni Cortes, BSC, UPC (Paper and Poster)

On Fault Tolerance, Locality, and Optimality in Locally Repairable Codes
Oleg Kolosov, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University; Gala Yadgar, Computer Science Department, Technion, and School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University; Matan Liram, Computer Science Department, Technion; Itzhak Tamo, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University; Alexander Barg, Department of ECE/ISR, University of Maryland (Paper and Poster)

TxFS: Leveraging File-System Crash Consistency to Provide ACID Transactions
Yige Hu, Zhiting Zhu, Ian Neal, Youngjin Kwon, and Tianyu Cheng, The University of Texas at Austin; Vijay Chidambaram, The University of Texas at Austin and VMware Research; Emmett Witchel, The University of Texas at Austin (Paper and Poster)

Towards Better Understanding of Black-box Auto-Tuning: A Comparative Analysis for Storage Systems
Zhen Cao, Stony Brook University; Vasily Tarasov, IBM Research - Almaden; Sachin Tiwari and Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University (Paper and Poster)

HeavyKeeper: An Accurate Algorithm for Finding Top-k Elephant Flows
Junzhi Gong, Tong Yang, Haowei Zhang, and Hao Li, Peking University; Steve Uhlig, Queen Mary, University of London; Shigang Chen, University of Florida; Lorna Uden, Staffordshire University; Xiaoming Li, Peking University (Paper and Poster)

SAND: Towards High-Performance Serverless Computing
Istemi Ekin Akkus, Ruichuan Chen, Ivica Rimac, Manuel Stein, Klaus Satzke, Andre Beck, Paarijaat Aditya, and Volker Hilt, Nokia Bell Labs (Paper and Poster)

Cavs: An Efficient Runtime System for Dynamic Neural Networks
Shizhen Xu, Carnegie Mellon University, Tsinghua University; Hao Zhang, Graham Neubig, and Wei Dai, Carnegie Mellon University, Petuum Inc.; Jin Kyu Kim, Carnegie Mellon University; Zhijie Deng, Tsinghua University; Qirong Ho, Petuum Inc.; Guangwen Yang, Tsinghua University; Eric P. Xing, Petuum Inc. (Paper and Poster)

DeepCPU: Serving RNN-based Deep Learning Models 10x Faster
Minjia Zhang, Samyam Rajbhandari, Wenhan Wang, and Yuxiong He, Microsoft AI and Research (Paper and Poster)

Closing the Performance Gap Between Volatile and Persistent Key-Value Stores Using Cross-Referencing Logs
Yihe Huang, Harvard University; Matej Pavlovic, EPFL; Virendra Marathe, Margo Seltzer, Tim Harris, and Steve Byan, Oracle Labs (Paper and Poster)

Metis: Robustly Tuning Tail Latencies of Cloud Systems
Zhao Lucis Li, USTC; Chieh-Jan Mike Liang, Microsoft Research; Wenjia He, USTC; Lianjie Zhu, Wenjun Dai, and Jin Jiang, Microsoft Bing Ads; Guangzhong Sun, USTC (Paper and Poster)

Redesigning LSMs for Nonvolatile Memory with NoveLSM
Sudarsun Kannan, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Nitish Bhat and Ada Gavrilovska, Georgia Tech; Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Paper and Poster)

HashKV: Enabling Efficient Updates in KV Storage via Hashing
Helen H. W. Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Yongkun Li, University of Science and Technology of China; Patrick P. C. Lee, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Yinlong Xu, University of Science and Technology of China (Paper and Poster)