Fast and Concurrent RDF Queries using RDMA-assisted GPU Graph Exploration


Siyuan Wang, Chang Lou, Rong Chen, and Haibo Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


RDF graph has been increasingly used to store and represent information shared over the Web, including social graphs and knowledge bases. With the increasing scale of RDF graphs and the concurrency level of SPARQL queries, current RDF systems are confronted with inefficient concurrent query processing on massive data parallelism, which usually leads to suboptimal response time (latency) as well as throughput.

In this paper, we present Wukong+G, the first graph-based distributed RDF query processing system that efficiently exploits the hybrid parallelism of CPU and GPU. Wukong+G is made fast and concurrent with three key designs. First, Wukong+G utilizes GPU to tame random memory accesses in graph exploration by efficiently mapping data between CPU and GPU for latency hiding, including a set of techniques like query-aware prefetching, pattern-aware pipelining and fine-grained swapping. Second, Wukong+G scales up by introducing a GPU-friendly RDF store to support RDF graphs exceeding GPU memory size, by using techniques like predicate- based grouping, pairwise caching and look-ahead replacing to narrow the gap between host and device memory scale. Third, Wukong+G scales out through a communication layer that decouples the transferring process for query metadata and intermediate results, and leverages both native and GPUDirect RDMA to enable efficient communication on a CPU/GPU cluster.

We have implemented Wukong+G by extending a state-of-the-art distributed RDF store (i.e., Wukong) with distributed GPU support. Evaluation on a 5-node CPU/GPU cluster (10 GPU cards) with RDMA-capable network shows that Wukong+G outperforms Wukong by 2.3X-9.0X in the single heavy query latency and improves latency and throughput by more than one order of magnitude when facing hybrid workloads.

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