Applying Hardware Transactional Memory for Concurrency-Bug Failure Recovery in Production Runs


Yuxi Chen, Shu Wang, and Shan Lu, University of Chicago; Karthikeyan Sankaralingam, University of Wisconsin — Madison


Concurrency bugs widely exist and severely threaten system availability. Techniques that help recover from concurrency-bug failures during production runs are highly desired. This paper proposes BugTM, an approach that leverages Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) on commodity machines for production-run concurrency-bug recovery. Requiring no knowledge about where are concurrency bugs, BugTM uses static analysis and code transformation to insert HTM instructions into multi-threaded programs. These BugTM-transformed programs will then be able to recover from a concurrency-bug failure by rolling back and re-executing the recent history of a failure thread. BugTM greatly improves the recovery capability of state-of-the-art techniques with low run-time overhead and no changes to OS or hardware, while guarantees not to introduce new bugs.

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