DynaMix: Dynamic Mobile Device Integration for Efficient Cross-device Resource Sharing


Dongju Chae, POSTECH; Joonsung Kim and Gwangmu Lee, Seoul National University; Hanjun Kim, POSTECH; Kyung-Ah Chang and Hyogun Lee, Samsung Electronics; Jangwoo Kim, Seoul National University


In the era of the Internet of Things, users desire more valuable services by simultaneously utilizing various resources available in remote devices. As a result, cross-device resource sharing, a capability to utilize the resources of a remote device, becomes a desirable feature to enable interesting multi-device services. However, the existing resource sharing mechanisms either have limited resource coverage, involve complex programming efforts for utilizing multiple devices, or more importantly, incur huge inter-device network traffic.

We propose DynaMix, a novel framework that realizes efficient cross-device resource sharing. First, DynaMix maximizes resource coverage by dynamically integrating computation and I/O resources of remote devices with distributed shared memory and I/O request forwarding. Second, DynaMix obviates the need for multi-device programming by providing the resource sharing capability at the low level. Third, DynaMix minimizes inter-device network traffic by adaptively redistributing tasks between devices based on their dynamic resource usage. By doing so, DynaMix achieves efficient resource sharing along with dynamic plug-and-play and reconfigurability. Our example implementation on top of Android and Tizen devices shows that DynaMix enables efficient cross-device resource sharing in multi-device services.

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