Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: What are we Teaching Them All? Characterising the Focus of Cybersecurity Curricular Frameworks


Joseph Hallett, Robert Larson, and Awais Rashid, University of Bristol


Many cybersecurity curricular frameworks exist, but are they all equal? If a student takes a course based on one framework, what should they expect to get out of it? Different frameworks have different emphasis and will shape the courses implementing them leading to varying skill sets. This is not bad, but such biases should be clear. The Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) is a broad guide to foundational cybersecurity knowledge developed through consultation with industry and academia. Using the knowledge areas from CyBOK as a basis for comparison, we characterise 4 curricular frameworks and find that different frameworks have different emphasis, and that not all frameworks cover all cybersecurity topics.

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