CLARK – The Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledge-base – A Living Digital Library


Melissa Dark, Purdue University; Sidd Kaza and Blair Taylor, Towson University


It is clear that in order to address the cybersecurity education and workforce crisis, the challenges are not just numerous but also inextricably linked. The least of which include a greater number of prepared faculty, effective curriculum, and infrastructure to host, use, and disseminate the curriculum. There is a demonstrated need for a cybersecurity digital library (DL) that will help address these challenges. The Cyber DL is similar to other curricular digital libraries in some respects (material quality, uptake, etc.) and unique in others (national security concerns, presence of damaging material – malware, material integrity issues, etc.). We have been working on the design and implementation of CLARK – The Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledge-base. CLARK is a prototype curriculum management platform that hosts diverse cybersecurity learning objects. This submission introduces the system and highlights its capabilities as a tool that is much needed in the cybersecurity education community.

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