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USENIX Annual Technical Conference (NO 98), 1998
Technical Program

USENIX Annual Technical Conference (NO 98), 1998
June 15-19, 1998
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Wednesday, June 17

Performance I
Session Chair: Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs - Research

Scalable kernel performance for Internet servers under realistic loads
Gaurav Banga, Rice University; Jeffrey C. Mogul, Digital Equipment Corp., Western Research Lab

Tribeca: A System for Managing Large Databases of Network Traffic
Mark Sullivan, Juno Online Services; Andrew Heybey, Niksun, Inc.

Transparent Result Caching
Amin Vahdat, University of California, Berkeley; Thomas Anderson, University of Washington


Session Chair: Terri Watson Rashid, Microsoft Corporation

SLIC: An Extensibility System for Commodity Operating Systems
Douglas P. Ghormley, University of California, Berkeley; David Petrou, Carnegie Mellon University; Steven H. Rodrigues, Network Appliance, Inc.; Thomas E. Anderson, University of Washington

A Transactional Memory Service in an Extensible Operating System
Yasushi Saito and Brian Bershad, University of Washington

Dynamic C++ Classes: A lightweight mechanism to update code in a running program
Gísli Hjálmtysson, AT&T Labs - Research; Robert Gray, Dartmouth College


Commercial Applications
Session Chair: Dave Presotto, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Fast Consistency Checking for the Solaris File System
J. Kent Peacock, Ashvin Kamaraju, and Sanjay Agrawal, Sun Microsystems Computer Company

General Purpose Operating System Support for Multiple Page Sizes
Narayanan Ganapathy and Curt Schimmel, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc.

Implementation of Multiple Pagesize Support in HP-UX
Indira Subramanian, Cliff Mather, Kurt Peterson, and Balakrishna Raghunath, Hewlett-Packard Company



Thursday, June 18

Performance II
Session Chair: Mike Nelson, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

SimICS/sun4m: A Virtual Workstation
Peter S. Magnusson, Fredrik Larsson, Andreas Moestedt, Bengt Werner, Swedish Institute of Computer Science; Fredrik Dahlgren, Magnus Karlsson, Fredrik Lundholm, Jim Nilsson, Per Stenström, Chalmers University of Technology; Håkan Grahn, University of Karlskrona/Ronneby

High-Performance Caching With The Lava Hit-Server
Jochen Liedtke, Vsevolod Panteleenko, Trent Jaeger, and Nayeem Islam, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Cheating the I/O Bottleneck: Network Storage with Trapeze/Myrinet
Darrell C. Anderson, Jeffrey S. Chase, Syam Gadde, Andrew J. Gallatin, and Kenneth G. Yocum, Duke University; Michael J. Feeley, University of British Columbia


Neat Stuff
Session Chair: Pei Cao, University of Wisconsin

mhz: Anatomy of a micro-benchmark
Carl Staelin, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; Larry McVoy, BitMover, Inc.

Automatic Program Transformation with JOIE
Geoff A. Cohen and Jeffrey S. Chase, Duke University; David L. Kaminsky, IBM Application Development Technology Institute

Deducing Similarities in Java Sources from Bytecodes
Brenda S. Baker, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies; Udi Manber, University of Arizona



Friday, June 19

Session Chair: Elizabeth Zwicky, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Transformer Tunnels: A Framework for Providing Route-Specific Adaptations
Pradeep Sudame and B.R. Badrinath, Rutgers University

The Design and Implementation of an IPv6/IPv4 Network Address and Protocol Translator
Marc E. Fiuczynski, Vincent K. Lam, and Brian N. Bershad, University of Washington

Increasing Effective Link Bandwidth by Suppressing Replicated Data
Jonathan Santos and David Wetherall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Real Time
Session Chair: Greg Minshall, Fiberlane Communications

Making Commodity PCs Fit for Signal Processing
Michael Ismert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Eclipse Operating System: Providing Quality of Service via Reservation Domains
John Bruno, Eran Gabber, Banu Özden, and Abraham Silberschatz, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

A Framework for Alternate Queueing: Towards Traffic Management by PC-UNIX Based Routers
Kenjiro Cho, Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Inc.


Session Chair: Fred Douglis, AT&T Laboratories

Implementing Multiple Protection Domains in Java
Chris Hawblitzel, Chi-Chao Chang, Grzegorz Czajkowski, Deyu Hu, and Thorsten von Eicken, Cornell University

The Safe-Tcl Security Model
Jacob Y. Levy and Laurent Demailly, Sun Microsystems Laboratories; John K. Ousterhout and Brent B. Welch, Scriptics Inc.

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