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 IMPORTANT DATES: Early Reg Deadline June 27, 1997, Hotel Discount Deadline June 19, 1997

Program at a Glance

Dear Workshop Attendee:

Like us, you are probably overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new developments surrounding Tcl and Tk. As we prepare for this year's Tcl/Tk workshop, we are amazed by the quantity and quality of research and development of interest to Tcl/Tk users, developers, and extenders. The best way to keep current on all of these developments is to attend the Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, sponsored by the USENIX Association. See the Program at a Glance for an overview schedule.

The workshop addresses research and development related to Tcl and Tk. Presentations range from technical details of compiler or namespace implementation to interesting and novel extensions, to experience reports from innovative and challenging applications. In addition to formal presentations, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BOFs) and Work-In-Progress reports (WIPs) give all attendees an opportunity to share their experiences and influence the future directions of Tcl and Tk.

This year's workshop includes a full day of tutorials on a range of topics including effective Tcl/Tk programming, building database support into Tcl/Tk applications, building groupware applications in Tcl/Tk, and using declarative programming to simplify Tcl/Tk application development. Plenary sessions include an opening keynote address by Brian Kernighan and an update on Tcl/Tk with creator and champion John Ousterhout. In between, the collection of papers, posters, panels, and informal sessions will provide a range of opportunities for learning about and influencing the future of Tcl and Tk.

Whether you are an experienced Tcl/Tk developer, or are interested in evaluating Tcl/Tk for future use, the Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop is an event you won't want to miss.

We look forward to seeing you in July.

Joseph A. Konstan,
University of Minnesota
Program Co-Chair
Brent Welch,
Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Inc.
Program Co-Chair

PS: Remember to sign up for tutorials early. See Tutorials for more information.

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