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7th USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference
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M2am XML and Tcl/Tk  [Tutorials at a Glance]  [PDF format]
Steve Ball, Zveno Pty. Ltd.

Who should attend: Developers who wish to add XML support to their applications, use XML for storing data, or process XML documents using Tcl.

XML is set to revolutionize not only the Web but also many industries and businesses, as it allows easy, robust data exchange between machines. A number of packages now exist to assist the Tcl programmer in dealing with XML documents. These tools include XML parsers, DOM implementations, and support for XML-based protocols. This tutorial provides an introduction to all of these tools and techniques for their use.

Topics include:

  • An overview of XML
  • How to write simple Tcl scripts to perform event-based processing of XML documents
  • How to manipulate an XML document using TclDOM and generate XML
  • How to perform procedure calls using XML-RPC.
  • Event-based parsing using TclExpat and TclXML
Now that Tcl includes support for Unicode, it is fully able to process any XML document, including those written in languages other than English. Application developers can combine the benefits of Tcl-easy system integration and rapid development-with the benefits of XML-robust data exchange and structured data representation-to create the next generation of Web and business applications.

Steve Ball is Chief XML and Scripting Specialist at Australia-based Zveno Pty. Ltd. and is the chief architect of Zveno's Swish XML editor. He is the author of Web Tcl Complete (McGraw-Hill) and several Open Source software projects, including TclExpat, TclXML, TclDOM, and the Plume Web browser. Steve was first introduced to Tcl in 1993 and has hardly touched any other language since then.

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