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USENIX Summer 1992 Technical Conference

June 8–12, San Antonio, TX

Our thanks go to Stuart McRobert of Imperial College London for the PDFs presented here.

Covers and Frontmatter


Plenary Session, 9:30–10:30    Chair: Rick Adams

Opening Remarks and Announcements

Keynote Address: Technological Maturity and the History of UNIX
Stuart I. Feldman, Bellcore

Threads, 11:00–12:30    Chair: Dave Nichols

Implementing Lightweight Threads
D. Stein and D. Shah, SunSoft, Inc.

Beyond Multiprocessing: Multithreading the SunOS Kernel
J.R. Eykholt, S.R. Kleiman, S. Barton, R. Faulkner, A. Shivalingiah, M. Smith, D. Stein, J. Voll, M. Weeks, and D. Williams, SunSoft, Inc.

File System Multithreading in System V Release 4 MP
J. Kent Peacock, Intel Multiprocessor Consortium

Performance Art, 2:00–3:30    Chair: Margo Seltzer

The Recovery Box: Using Fast Recovery to Provide High Availability in the UNIX Environment
Mary Baker and Mark Sullivan, University of California, Berkeley

On Migrating a Distributed Application to a Multi-Threaded Environment
Thuan Q. Pham and Pankaj K. Garg, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Cheap Mutual Exclusion
William Moran, Jr., Swiss Bank Corp Investment Banking; Farnam Jahanian, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Applications, 4:00–5:30    Chair: Jim Thompson

TDBM: A DBM Library with Atomic Transactions
Barry Brachman and Gerald Neufeld, University of British Columbia

VNS Retriever: Querying MEDLINE over the Internet
Kevin Brook Long, Jerry Fowler, and Stan Barber, Baylor College of Medicine

InterNetNews: Usenet Transport for Internet Sites
Rich Salz, Open Software Foundation


Virtuality, 9:00–10:30    Chair: Ken Ingham

Tiled Virtual Memory for UNIX
James Franklin, Kodak Electronic Printing Systems

A Scalable Implementation of Virtual Memory HAT Layer for Shared Memory Multiprocessor Machines
Ramesh Balan and Kurt Gollhardt, UNIX System Laboratories

Virtual Window Systems: A New Approach to Supporting Concurrent Heterogeneous Windowing Systems
Rita Pascale and Jeremy Epstein, TRW Systems Division

Planning for Failure, 2:00–3:30    Chair: Elein Mustain

A Discipline of Error Handling
Doug Moen

Regression Testing and Conformance Testing Interactive Programs
Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology

NeD: The Network Extensible Debugger
Paul Maybee, Solbourne Computer, Inc.

Performance & Availability Systems, 4:00–5:30    Chair: Keith Bostic

The Continuous Media File System
David P. Anderson, University of California, Berkeley; Yoshitomo Osawa, Sony Corporation; Ramesh Govindan, University of California, Berkeley

Mainframe Services from Gigabit-Networked Workstations
J-P. Baud, C. Boissat, F. Cane, F. Hemmer, E. Jagel, A. Kumar, G. Lee, B. Panzer-Steindel, L. Robertson, B. Segal, A . Trannoy, and I. Zacharov, CERN

A Highly Available Lock Manager for HA-NFS
Anupam Bhide, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; Spencer Shepler, IBM Austin


CPP: Threat or Menace? 9:00–10:30    Chair: Judy Grass

#ifdef Considered Harmful, or Portability Experience with C News
Henry Spencer, University of Toronto; Geoff Collyer, Software Tool & Die

Incl: A Tool to Analyze Include Files
Kiem-Phong Vo and Yih-Farn Chen, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Large Scale Porting through Parameterization
David Tilbrook and Russell Crook, Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems Ltd.

System Admin, 2:00–3:30    Chair: Guy Harris

Performance of a Parallel Network Backup Manager
James da Silva, Ólafur Guömundsson, and Daniel Mossé, University of Maryland

The DIDS (Distributed Intrusion Detection System) Prototype
Steven R. Snapp and Stephen E. Smaha, Haystack Laboratories, Inc.; Daniel M. Teal and Tim Grance, United States Air Force Cryptologic Support Center

A Privilege Mechanism for UNIX System V Release 4 Operating Systems
Charles Salemi, Suryakanta Shah, and Eric Lund, UNIX System Laboralories, Inc.

Misc., 4:00–5:30    Chair: Margo Seltzer

TCP/IP and OSI Interoperability with the X Window System
Nancy Crowther and Joyce Graham, IBM Cambridge Scientific Center

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