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This research is sponsored by DARPA/ITO through DARPA Order D306, and issued by Indian Head Division, NSWC under contract N00174-96-0002. Additional support was provided by an ONR graduate fellowship, and by the member companies of the Parallel Data Consortium, including: Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Intel, Quantum, Seagate Technology, Storage Technology, Wind River Systems, 3Com Corporation, Compaq, Data General/Clariion, and Symbios Logic.

We thank David Nagle and Digital Equipment Corporation for providing the AlphaStation 500. We thank Paul Mazaitis for setting up the various hardware configurations, David Rochberg and Jim Zelenka for their assistance with TIP and Digital UNIX, and Robert O'Callahan for many invaluable discussions. We also thank John Hartman and the anonymous referees for their feedback on earlier drafts of this paper. TIP was developed by Hugo Patterson, and the SpecHint tool was inspired by a project with Steve Lucco to implement a software fault isolation tool for Digital UNIX.

Fay Chang
Tue Jan 5 18:05:04 EST 1999