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USENIX Technical Program - 13th Systems Administration Conference - LISA '99

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13th Systems Administration Conference - LISA '99
November 7-12, 1999
Seattle, Washington, USA


Wednesday, November 10

Using Electronic Mail
Session Chair: Josh Simon, Collective Technologies

ssmail: Opportunistic Encryption in sendmail
Damian Bentley, Australian National University; Greg Rose, QUALCOMM Australia; and Tara Whalen, Communications Research Centre Canada

MJDLM: Majordomo based Distribution List Management
Vincent D. Skahan, Jr., and Robert Katz, The Boeing Company

RedAlert: A Scalable System for Application Monitoring
Eric Sorenson, Explosive Networking and Strata Rose Chalup, VirtualNet

The Way We Work
Session Chair: Cat Okita, Earthworks

Deconstructing User Requests and the Nine Step Model
Thomas A. Limoncelli, Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs

Adverse Termination Procedures -or- "How To Fire A System Administrator"
Matthew F. Ringel and Thomas A. Limoncelli, Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs

Organizing the Chaos: Managing Request Tickets in a Large Environment
Steve Willoughby, Intel Corporation

Session Chair: Adam Moskowitz, LION bioscience Research, Inc.

GTrace - A Graphical Traceroute Tool
Ram Periakaruppan and Evi Nemeth, University of Colorado at Boulder and Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

rat: A Secure Archiving Program with Fast Retrieval
Willem A. (Vlakkies) Schreüder and Maria Murillo, University of Colorado at Boulder

Cro-Magnon: A Patch Hunter-Gatherer
Jeremy Bargen, University of Colorado at Boulder and Raytheon Systems Company and Seth Taplin, University of Colorado at Boulder and CiTR, Inc.

Thursday, November 11

Thinking on the Job
Session Chair: Thomas A. Limoncelli, Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs

A Retrospective on Twelve Years of LISA Proceedings
Eric Anderson and Dave Patterson, University of California at Berkeley

Managing Security in Dynamic Networks
Alexander V. Konstantinou, Yechiam Yemini, Columbia University; Sandeep Bhatt, and S. Rajagopalan, Telcordia Technologies [formerly Bellcore]

It's Elementary, Dear Watson: Applying Logic Programming To Convergent System Management Processes
Dr. Alva L. Couch and Michael Gilfix, Tufts University

Network Infrastructure
Session Chair: Greg Rose, QUALCOMM Australia

NetReg: An Automated DHCP Registration System
Peter Valian and Todd K. Watson, Southwestern University

Dealing with Public Ethernet Jacks - Switches, Gateways, and Authentication
Robert Beck, University of Alberta

NetMapper: Hostname Resolution Based on Client Network Location
Josh Goldenhar, Cisco Systems, Inc.

File Systems
Session Chair: Doug Kingston, Deutsche Bank

Enhancements to the Autofs Automounter
Ricardo Labiaga, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The Advancement of NFS Benchmarking: SFS 2.0
David Robinson, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Moving Large Filesystems On-Line, Including Exiting HSM Filesystems
Vincent Cordrey, Doug Freyburger, Jordan Schwartz, and Liza Weissler, Collective Technologies

Session Chair: Eric Anderson, University of California at Berkeley

ServiceTrak Meets NLOG/NMAP
Jon Finke, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Burt: The Backup and Recovery Tool
Eric Melski, Scriptics Corporation

Design and Implementation of a Failsafe Print System
Giray Pultar, Coubros Consulting LLC

Friday, November 12

Network Security
Session Chair: Doug Hughes, Auburn University

Snort - Lightweight Intrusion Detection for Networks
Martin Roesch, Stanford Telecommunications, Inc.

Internet Routing and DNS Voodoo in the Enterprise
D. Brian Larkins, Lucent Technologies

Moat: A Virtual Private Network Appliance and Services Platform
John S. Denker, Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Laboratories; Hugh Daniel, FreeS/WAN Project; Nancy L. Mintz, Tom Killian, and Mark A. Plotnick, AT&T Laboratories

Session Chair: Evi Nemeth, University of Colorado and Cooperative Ass'n for Internet Data Analysis

Automated Installation of Linux Systems Using YaST
Dirk Hohndel and Fabian Herschel, SuSE Rhein/Main AG

Enterprise Rollouts with JumpStart
Jason Heiss, Collective Technologies

Automated Client-side Integration of Distributed Application Servers
Conrad E. Kimball, Vincent D. Skahan, Jr., David J. Kasik, The Boeing Company; and Roger. L. Droz, Analysts International

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