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11th Systems Administration Conference (LISA '97)

Eleventh Systems Administration Conference (LISA '97)
October 26-31, 1997
San Diego, California, USA


Wednesday, October 29, 1997


Implementing a Generalized Tool for Network Monitoring
Marcus J. Ranum, Kent Landfield, Mike Stolarchuk, Mark Sienkiewicz, Andrew Lambeth, and Eric Wall, Network Flight Recorder, Inc.
("Best Paper" Award!)

Extensible, Scalable Monitoring for Clusters of Computers
Eric Anderson and Dave Patterson, U. C. Berkeley

Monitoring Application Use with License Server Logs
Jon Finke, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Business of System Administration

Automating 24x7 Support Response To Telephone Requests
Peter Scott, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Turning the Corner: Upgrading Yourself from ``System Clerk'' to ``System Advocate''
Tom Limoncelli, Lucent Bell Labs - Murray Hill, NJ

How to Control and Manage Change in a Commercial Data Center Without Losing Your Mind
Sally J. Howden and Frank B. Northrup, Distributed Computing Consultants, Inc.

System Design Perspectives

Developing Interim Systems
Jennifer Caetta, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A Large Scale Data WarehouseApplication Case Study
Dan Pollack, America Online Inc.

Shuse At Two: Multi-Host Account Administration
Henry Spencer, SP Systems

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Working With PCs

A Web-Based Backup/Restore Method for Intel-based PC's
Tyler Barnett, Lexmark International; Kyle McPeek, Aerotek Inc., on behalf of Lexmark International; Larry S. Lile, Aerotek Inc.; Ray Hyatt, Jr., Aerotek Inc.

Managing PC Operating Systems with a Revision Control System
Gottfried Rudorfer, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

Bal - A Tool to Synchronize Document Collections Between Computers
Jurgen Christoffel, GMD

Inside the Black Box

Increased Server Availability and Flexibility through Failover Capability
Michael R. Barber, Michigan Technological University

The Cyclic News Filesystem: Getting INN To Do More With Less
Scott Lystig Fritchie, Minnesota Regional Network

Adaptive Locks For Frequently Scheduled Tasks With Unpredictable Runtimes
Mark Burgess & Demosthenes Skipitaris, Oslo College

Net Gains

Creating a Network for Lucent Bell Labs Research South
Tom Limoncelli, Tom Reingold, Ravi Narayan, Ralph Loura, Lucent Bell Labs

Pinpointing System Performance Issues
Douglas L. Urner, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Config Management

Automation of Site Configuration Management
Jon Finke, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Chaos Out of Order: A Simple, Scalable File Distribution Facility For `Intentionally Heterogeneous' Networks
Alva L. Couch, Tufts University

An Analysis of UNIX System Configuration
Remy Evard, Argonne National Laboratory


Tuning Sendmail for Large Mailing Lists
Rob Kolstad, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

Selectively Rejecting SPAM Using Sendmail
Robert Harker, Harker Systems

A Better E-Mail Bouncer
Richard J. Holland, Rockwell Collins, Inc.

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