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LISA 2001, 15th Systems Administration Conference, December 2-7, 2001, San Diego, CA
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Conference Organizers

Program Chair
Mark Burgess, Oslo University College

Program Committee
Eric Anderson, University of California, Berkeley
William Annis, University of Wisconsin
Alva Couch, Tufts University
Emmett Hogan, Certainty Solutions
Adam Moskowitz, Menlo Computing
Phil Scarr, Certainty Solutions
John Sellens, Certainty Solutions
Jon Stearley, Compaq Federal
Sigmund Straumsnes, Oslo University College
Ozan S. Yigit, Sun Microsystems

Invited Talks Coordinators
Esther Filderman, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Tom Limoncelli, Lumeta Corp.

Network/Security Track Coordinators
Cat Okita, Earthworks
Tom Perrine, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Workshop Coordinator
Pat Wilson, University of California, San Diego

The Guru Is In Coordinator
Lee Damon, University of Washington

Conference Proceedings

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Sponsored by USENIX, The Advanced Computing Systems Association and SAGE, the System Administrators Guild

A Selection of Papers from LISA and Computing Systems Published
LISA Technical Session registrants received a copy of "Selected Papers in System Administration," edited by Eric Anderson, Mark Burgess and Alva Couch (Wiley). Additional copies can be purchased by USENIX/SAGE members for $30 per copy, a considerable discount from the $55.95 list price. Please see our Publications order form.

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