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LISA 2001, 15th Systems Administration Conference, December 2-7, 2001, San Diego, CA

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"Managing the virtual computer communities of the 21st century"

For fifteen years, LISA conferences have been the leading forum for system administrators to meet, learn, and exchange ideas on every aspect of computer and network management. Today, the need for LISA has never been clearer, as networks grow and large computer systems are ever more apparent, not in monolithic form, but as societies of smaller systems, cooperating towards common goals.

LISA's refereed technical sessions cover the latest developments, both in theory and in practice, while tutorials for beginners and experienced attendees cover all aspects of network and system administration. The Invited Talk and theme tracks provide a selection of broader overviews on timely and entertaining topics, while workshops allow small groups to work together on subjects of special interest. LISA is a major social event, where you will have the chance to meet some 2000 like-minded individuals from all over the planet (and perhaps beyond), chat with them in the hallways and parties, or re-group informally in small Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions on impromptu topics.

By attending LISA you are contributing to computer management state-of-the-art, spreading knowledge about one of the most important challenges of the next century: living with the machines!

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