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Abstract - Technical Program - ID 99

Learning Program Behavior Profiles for Intrusion Detection

Anup K. Ghosh, Aaron Schwartzbard, and Michael Schatz, Reliable Software Technologies Corp.


Profiling the behavior of programs can be a useful reference for detecting potential intrusions against systems. This paper presents three anomaly detection techniques for profiling program behavior that evolve from memorization to generalization. The goal of monitoring program behavior is to be able to detect potential intrusions by noting irregularities in program behavior. The techniques start from a simple equality matching algorithm for determining anomalous behavior, and evolve to a feed-forward backpropagation neural network for learning program behavior, and finally to an Elman network for recognizing recurrent features in program execution traces. In order to detect future attacks against systems, intrusion detection systems must be able to generalize from past observed behavior. The goal of this research is to employ machine learning techniques that can generalize from past observed behavior to the problem of intrusion detection. The performance of these systems is compared by testing them with data provided by the DARPA Intrusion Detection Evaluation program.
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