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USENIX Technical Program - COOTS 1998

4th USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems (COOTS)
April 27-30, 1998
Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Joseph Sventek, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Keynote Address - The Shape of Things to Come
Rick Rashid, Microsoft Research

Session Chair: Murthy Devarakonda, IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Quality of Service Specification in Distributed Object Systems Design
Svend Frolund and Jari Koistinen, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Efficient Implementation of Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
Vijaykumar Krishnaswamy, Dan Walther, Sumeer Bhola, Ethendranath Bommaiah, George Riley, Brad Topol, and Mustaque Ahamad, Georgia Institute of Technology

The Design and Performance of MedJava
Prashant Jain, Seth Widoff, and Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University

Distributed Infrastructure
Session Chair: Steve Vinoski, IONA Technologies

Dynamic Management of CORBA Trader Federation
Djamel Belaid, Nicolas Provenzano, and Chantal Taconet, Institut National Des Telecommunications

Filterfresh: Hot Replication of Java RMI Server Objects
Arash Baratloo, New York University; P. Emerald Chung, Yennun Huang, Sampath Rangarajan, and Shalini Yajnik, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories

COMERA: COM Extensible Remoting Architecture
Yi-Min Wang, Microsoft Research; Woei-Jyh Lee, New York University

Distributed Services
Session Chair: Rajendra Raj, Morgan Stanley

Java Transactions for the Internet
M.C. Little and S.K. Shrivastava, University of Newcastle

Secure Delegation for Distributed Object Environments
Nataraj Nagaratnam, Syracuse Univeristy; Doug Lea, State University of New York, Oswego

COBEA: A CORBA-Based Event Architecture
Chaoying Ma and Jean Bacon, University of Cambridge

Thursday, April 30, 1998

Experience Papers
Session Chair: Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University

Objects and Concurrency in Triveni: A Telecommunication Case Study in Java
Christopher Colby, Loyola University; Lalita Jategaonkar Jagadeesan, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories; Radha Jagadeesan and Konstantin Laufer, Loyola University; Carlos Puchol, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories

An Object-Oriented Framework for Distributed Computational Simulation of Aerospace Propulsion Systems
John A. Reed and Abdollah A. Afjeh, University of Toledo

Building a Scalable and Efficient Component Oriented System using CORBA - Active Badge System Case Study
Jakub Szymaszek, Andrzej Uszok, and Krzysztof Zielinski, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Kracow

Session Chair: Doug Lea, State University of New York, Oswego

Mobile Objects and Agents (MOA)
Dejan S. Milojicicc, William LaForge, and Deepika Chauhan, The Open Group Research Institute

Programming Network Components Using NetPebbles: An Early Report
Ajay Mohindra, Apratim Purakayastha, Deborra Zukowski, and Murthy Devarakonda, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

The Architecture of a Distributed Virtual Worlds System
Manny Vellon, Kirk Marple, Don Mitchell, and Steven Drucker, Microsoft Research

Programming Techniques
Session Chair: Jennifer Hamilton, Microsoft Corporation

Execution Patterns in Object-Oriented Visualization
Wim De Pauw, David Lorenz, John Vlissides, and Mark Wegman, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

IBDL: A Language for Interface Behavior Specification and Testing
Sreenivasa Viswanadha and Deepak Kapur, State University of New York, Albany

Compile Time Symbolic Derivation with C++ Templates
Joseph Gil, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; Zvi Gutterman, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

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