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COOTS 1998 Abstract

Mobile Objects and Agents (MOA)

Dejan S. Milojicicc, William LaForge, and Deepika Chauhan
The Open Group Research Institute


This paper describes the design and implementation of the Mobile Objects and Agents (MOA) project at the Open Group Research Institute. MOA was designed to support migration, communication and control of agents. It was implemented on top of the Java Virtual Machine, without any modifications to it. The initial project goals were to support communication across agent migration, as a means for collaborative work; and to provide extensive resource control, as a basic support for countering denial of service attacks. In the course of the project we added two further goals: compliance with the Java Beans component model which provides for additional configurability and customization of agent system and agent applications; and interoperability which allows cooperation with other agent systems.

This paper analyzes the architecture of MOA, in particular the support for mobility, naming and locating, communication, and resource management. Object and component models of MOA are discussed and some implementation details described. We summarize the lessons learned while developing and implementing MOA and compare it to related work.

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