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USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies (COOTS)

June 17-21, 1996
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


TUTORIAL PROGRAM:   Monday & Tuesday, June 17-18

TECHNICAL PROGRAM:   Wednesday & Thursday, June 19-20

Monday, June 17th

Introduction to CORBA and CORBA Services
Bruce Martin, SunSoft, Inc.

New ANSI C++ Features
Josee Lajoie, IBM Canada Laboratory

Building Distributed Applications With CORBA and C++
Steve Vinoski, Hewlett-Packard

Advanced Modeling and Design for Java Systems
Desmond F. D'Souza and Petter Graff, Icon Computing, Inc.

STL In Action
Graham Glass, ObjectSpace, Inc.

Tuesday, June 18

Java Applets and the AWT
Nataraj Nagaratnam, Syracuse University

Programming Distributed Components Using Network OLE and C++
Don Box, DevelopMentor

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture
Hans Rohnert, Siemens AG

Inter-Domain Management: CORBA, OSI, SNMP
Subrata Mazumdar, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Introduction to the Python Programming Language
Jim Fulton, Consultant

OO Design Patterns for Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Systems
Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University, Missouri

Wednesday, June 19

Opening Remarks:
Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University

Keynote Address:
Experiences on the Road to Object Utopia: An Industrial Research and Development Perspective
Dave Thomas, Object Technology International


Session Chair: Daniel Edelson, IA Corporation
Compiler Optimization of C++ Virtual Function Calls
Sara Porat, David Bernstein, Yaroslav Fedorov, Joseph Rodrigue, and Eran Yahav, IBM Haifa Research Laboratory

Composing Special Memory Allocators in C++
Keith Loepere, Open Software Foundation

Building Independent Black Box Components in C++
Mark Addesso, Software AG


Session Chair: Steve Vinoski, Hewlett-Packard
Interlanguage Object Sharing with SOM
Jennifer Hamilton, IBM Toronto Laboratory

Extending a Traditional OS Using Object-Oriented Techniques
Jose Bernabeu, Vlada Matena, and Yousef Khalidi, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Object Caching in a CORBA Compliant System
R. Kordale and M. Ahamad, Georgia Tech; M. Devarakonda, IBM T.J. Watson Research

Asynchonrous Notifications Among Distributed Objects
Yeturu Aahlad, Bruce E. Martin, Mod Marathe, and Chung Lee, SunSoft, Inc.


Session Chair: Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego
Preliminary Design of ADL/C++ -- A Specification Language for C++
Sreenivasa Rao Viswanadha, SUNY Albany

Software Composition with Extended Entity-Relationship Diagrams
Pornsiri Muenchaisri and Toshimi Minoura, Oregon State University

A Measure of Testing Effort
John McGregor and S. Srinivas, Clemson University

Thursday, June 20


Session Chair: Doug Schmidt, Washington University
Design Patterns for Dealing with Dual Inheritance Hierarchies in C++
Robert Martin, Object Mentor

The Object Group Design Pattern
Silvano Maffeis, Olsen & Associates, Zurich

Pattern Languages for Handing C++ Resources in an Exception-Safe Way
Harald Mueller, SIEMENS


Session Chair: Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems Labs and JavaSoft
The Any Framework: A Pragmatic Approach to Flexibility
Kai-Uwe Maetzel and Walter Bischofberger, UBILAB

Design and Performance of an Object-Oriented Framework for High-Performance Electronic Medical Imaging
I. Pyarali, T. Harrison, and D. Schmidt, Washington University

Class Relationships and User Extensibility in Solid Geometric Modeling
James R. Miller, University of Kansas


Session Chair: Vince Russo, Purdue University
A Distributed Object Model for the Java System
Ann Wollrath, Roger Riggs, and Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Smart Messages: An Object-Oriented Communication Mechanism
Eshrat Arjomandi, York University, Toronto; William G. O'Farrell, Gregory V. Wilson, IBM Canada Ltd.

Pickling State in the Java(tm) System
Roger Riggs, Jim Waldo, and Ann Wollrath, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Highly Concurrent Distributed Knowledge Objects
K.L. Clark and T.I. Wang, Imperial College


This session focused on three to four of the technical papers presented in "writer's workshop" form. The goal was to focus on the papers selected for the USENIX Computing Systems Journal special issue on Distributed Objects in order to make them more solid before publication.

Friday, June 21


Distributed Object Computing on the Internet

This one-day post-conference workshop focused on the development of methods, tools, and services supporting distributed object computing on the Internet.


Technical Sessions Program Chair
Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University

Tutorial Program Chair
Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego

Program Committee
Don Box, DevelopMentor
Kraig Brockschmidt, Microsoft
David Chappell, Chappell and Associates
Andrew Chien, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
David Cohn, University of Notre Dame
Jim Coplien, Bell Laboratories
Murthy Devarokonda, IBM Watson Research Labs
Peter Druschel, Rice University
Daniel Edelson, IA Corporation
Nayeem Islam, IBM Watson Research Labs
Dennis Kafura, Virginia Tech University
Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego
Dmitry Lenkov, Hewlett-Packard
Mark Linton, Vitria Technology
Calton Pu, Oregon Graduate Institute
Vince Russo, Purdue University
Jerry Schwarz, Declarative Systems
Kevin Shank, Rochester Institute of Technology
Michael Stal, Siemens AG
Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Research
Steve Vinoski, Hewlett-Packard
Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems, Inc. and JavaSoft

Tutorial Program Coordinator
Daniel V. Klein, USENIX

Conference Planner
Judith DesHarnais, USENIX