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Summaries on the 1997 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
Anaheim, California

Our thanks to the summarizers: Peter Collinson, Rik Farrow, Idajean M. Fisher, Gordon Galligher, Jerry Peek, Peter Salus, Michael Stok, and Bruce Alan Wynn.

These reports were originally published in ;login: Vol. 22, No. 2, April 1997.


Summary by Idajean Fisher

Developing on "Internet Time"
James Gosling, Sun Microsystems

Technical Session: Performance I

Summaries by Peter Collinson
Embedded Inodes and Explicit Grouping: Exploiting Bandwidth for Small Files
Gregory R. Ganger and M. Frans Kaashoek, MIT
Observing the Effects of Multi-Zone Disks
Rodney Van Meter, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California
A Revisitation of Kernel Synchronization Schemes
Christopher Small and Stephen Manley, Harvard University

Interface Tricks

Summaries by Michael Stok
Porting UNIX to Windows NT
David G. Korn, AT&T Research
A Novel Way of Extending the Operating System at the User Level: The UFO Global File System
Albert D. Alexandrov, Maximilian Ibel, Klaus E. Schauser, and Chris Scheiman, University of California, Santa Barbara

Client Tricks

Summaries by Peter Collinson
Network Aware Mobile Programs
Mudumba Ranganathan, Anurag Acharya, Shamik Sharma, and Joel Saltz, University of Maryland
Using Smart Clients to Build Scalable Services
Chad Yoshikawa, Brent Chun, Paul Eastham, Amin Vahdat, Thomas Anderson, and David Culler, University of California, Berkeley


Summaries by Gordon Galligher
Building Distributed Process Management on an Object-Oriented Framework
Ken Shirriff, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Adaptive and Reliable Parallel Computing on Networks of Workstations
Robert D. Blumofe, University of Texas, Austin, and Philip A. Lisiecki, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A Distributed Shared Memory Facility for FreeBSD
Pedro Souto and Eugene Stark, State University of New York, Stony Brook


Summaries by Gordon Galligher
Libcdt: A General and Efficient Container Data Type Library
Kiem-Phong Vo, AT&T Labs-Research
A Simple and Extensible Graphical Debugger
David Hanson and Jeffrey Korn, Princeton University
Cget, Cput, and Stage-Safe File Transport Tools for the Internet
Bill Cheswick, Bell Laboratories

Caching and Stashing

Summaries by Michael Stok
An Analytical Approach to File Prefetching
Hui Lei and Dan Duchamp, Columbia University
Optimistic Deltas for WWW Latency Reduction
Gaurav Banga, Rice University; Fred Douglis and Michael Rabinovich, AT&T Research
A Toolkit Approach to Partially Connected Computing By Dan Duchamp, Columbia University

Invited Talks

If Cryptography is So Great, Why Isn't it Used More?
Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs
Summary by Gordon Galligher
The Inktomi Search Engine
Eric Brewer, University of California, Berkeley
Summary by Jerry Peek
The AltaVista Web Search Engine
Louis Monier, Digital Equipment Corporation
Summary by Jerry Peek
IPv6: The New Version of the Internet Protocol
Steve Deering, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
Summary by Peter Salus
Stupid Net Tricks
Bill Cheswick. Bell Laboratories
Summary by Jerry Peek

Uselinux Track

Linux: What It Is And Why It Is Significant
Mark Balzern, Work group Solutions, and Tom Miller, X Engineering Software Systems
Summary by Jerry Peek
The SPARC Port of Linux
By David S. Miller, Rutgers CAIP, and Miguel de Icaza, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Summary by Gordon Galligher
Advanced Device Drivers
Alessandro Rubini, Universita di Pavia, Italy
Summary by Bruce Alan Wynn
Future of the Linux Kernel
Linus Torvalds, Helsinki University
Summary by Gordon Galligher
Victor Yodaiken and Michael Barabanov, New Mexico Institute of Technology
Summary by Bruce Alan Wynn
Stephen Tweedie, Digital Equipment Corporation
Summary by Bruce Alan Wynn
Connecting Legacy and Open Systems
Michael Callahan, Stelias Computing Inc.
Summary by Gordon Galligher
Linux and Distribution Channels: Ways to Enter the Commercial Market
Don Rosenberg, Stromian Technologies
Summary by Bruce Alan Wynn

Works In Progress

Summaries by Gordon Galligher
Unified Annotation Mechanism for Effective Page Operations
Noritaka Osawa
JX: C++ Class Library for X
Glen Back
Virtual Log-Structured File System Disk
Qing Yeng
Revocation of Unread Mail
Kevin Fu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Differential Fault Analysis of RC5
Kevin Fu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Workstation Telephony
Melinda Shore
LPRng 3.1.1
Patrick Powell


Summary by Idajean M. Fisher
Building Virtual Round Tables

Joint Closing Session

Summary by Idajean M. Fisher
Severe Tire Damage's Stupid MBone Tricks - A Lecture/Demonstration
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