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Advanced Device Drivers

By Alessandro Rubini, Universita di Pavia, Italy

Summary by Bruce Alan Wynn

In order to continue in the tradition of an operating system for the masses by the masses, Linux provides a common interface for writing device drivers. Programmers who wish to create new device drivers can use this interface and create a new device driver reasonably quickly.

In this presentation, Alessandro discussed the Linux device driver interface components. Using fragments of a simple device driver, Alessandro explained how to create functions and tie them in as methods to this driver interface.

In addition to the hooks for synchronous and asynchronous I/O, Alessandro described methods of creating and using task queues and kernel timers.

Much of the information presented can also be found in a series of articles Alessandro co-authored with Georg Zezchwitz. This five-part series can be found in the Linux Journal, issues 23 (March 1996) through 28 (August 1996). Alessandro has also just completed a book, Writing Linux Device Drivers, available from O'Reilly and Associates.

Originally published in ;login: Vol. 22, No.2, April 1997.
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