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We envision the number of large service providers to be relatively small. Thus, the Smart Client applet needed to access each service can be stored across a number of mirror sites. Thus, to retrieve a service's applet, the user can access a number of search engines in parallel with accessing the main host associated with the service.



: This figure describes how clients bootstrap the applet retrieval process. If an initial request fails, well-known servers can be contacted to retrieve the Smart Client applet for the requested service.

Figure gif illustrates the above process for the case of a user wishing to access a ``Smart Client FTP'' site.




The Smart Clients API randomly chooses among file servers to perform load balancing. However, to test the load balancing and the fault tolerance of the system, we add the constraint that each client randomly chooses a new server every 10-20 seconds. Figure gif graphs client latency as a function of the number of clients simultaneously writing messages to one another as fast as possible (effectively an all-to-all broadcast).

Amin Vahdat
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