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The runtimes of the test suite.

Our results are presented in terms of time spent paging, but it is helpful to know the processing time required to execute each program in the test suite. Figure 2 shows the time required to execute each of our six programs on each of the three processors, when no paging occurs. These times can be added with paging time information to obtain total turnaround time for a given architecture, memory size, and virtual memory configuration.

Figure 2: The processing times for each program in the test suite on each processor used in this study. If enough memory is available such that no paging occurs, these times will be the turnaround times.
\begin{tabular}{\vert l\vert r\vert r\vert r\vert}...
...2c & 2.38 & 2.91 & 2.08 \\ \hline

Scott F. Kaplan