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Calling all security researchers and practitioners: USENIX '08 offers a variety of programs to meet your needs.

Below is a list of Training Sessions, Refereed Papers, and Invited Talks related to security. Mix and match from the lists of sessions below to design the security-focused conference you need!


S3: Botnets: Understanding and Defense

S5: System and Network Monitoring: Tools You Need

M3: Network Flow Analysis

M4: Securing Virtual Environments

T1: Solaris 10 Security Features Workshop

T3: Live Forensics

Invited Talks

Wed.: Programming DNA: A 2-bit Language for Engineering Biology

Thurs.: Internet Surveillance: Building Our Own Trojan Horse

Fri.: Current and Next-Generation Digital Forensics

Refereed Paper Sessions

Wed.: Network

Thurs.: Short Papers

Fri.: Security and Bugs

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