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Open Source

Is Linux your passion? *BSD your life? USENIX '08 offers you content to hone your skills and ignite your imagination, from speakers who know what they're talking about. Take a look at the wide variety of open source content you'll find in Boston this year.

Below is a list of Training Sessions, Refereed Papers, and Invited Talks related to open source software. Create an open source conference just for you.


S2: Inside the Linux 2.6 Kernel

S4: Introduction to the Open Source Xen Hypervisor

S6: Advanced Perl Programming: What's New and Where We're Going

M2: Configuring and Deploying Linux-HA

M7: Implementing [Open]LDAP Directories

T2: Administering Linux in Production Environments

T8: Nagios: Advanced Topics

T9: Performance Management with Free and Bundled Tools

Invited Talks

Wed.: Free and Open Source as Viewed by a Processor Developer

Wed.: Programming DNA: A 2-bit Language for Engineering Biology

Fri.: Using Hadoop for Webscale Computing

Refereed Paper Sessions

Wed.: Network

Thurs.: Short Papers

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