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2004 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 27-July 2, 2004, Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA
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linux penguin Is Open Source your life? Linux your passion? USENIX '04 offers you content to hone your skills and fire your imagination—from speakers who know what they're talking about: Marshall Kirk McKusick, Theodore Ts'o, Jon "maddog" Hall, and more.

  • Follow the latest trends and debates in the one-day SIG sessions—new this year.
  • Pick and choose the sessions that best fit your interests.
  • Enhance your skills with the in-depth training program.
  • Check out the latest developments and interesting applications in the General and FREENIX tracks.
  • Bring your most difficult questions to the experts at the Guru Is In sessions.

Below is a list of training sessions, refereed paper sessions, and SIG and Guru sessions related to Open Source/Linux. Create an Open Source conference just for you.

S1: Hands-On Linux Security Class: Learn How to Defend Linux/UNIX Systems by Learning to Think Like a Hacker (Day 1)

S3: Linux Network Service Administration

S6: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property: Current Developments, Issues, and Controversies

M1: Hands-On Linux Security Class: Learn How to Defend Linux/UNIX Systems by Learning to Think Like a Hacker (Day 2)

M3: Linux Systems Administration

T2: Inside the Linux Kernel (Updated for Version 2.6)

T3: Administering Linux in Production Environments

Refereed Paper Sessions
W: The Technical Changes in Qt Version 4

W: Server

R: Free Desktop

R: Security

R: Demonstration: Croquet

F: Software Engineering

F: Current Gtk+ Development

F: System Building

SIG Sessions
R: The FlightGear Flight Simulator

R: Making RCU Safe for Deep Sub-Millisecond Response Realtime Applications

R: Making Hardware Just Work

R: Custom Debian Distributions

R: Building and Maintaining an International Volunteer Linux

R: Indexing Arbitrary Data with SWISH-E

R: Thin Client Linux, a Case Presentation of Implementation

R: Towards Carrier Grade Linux Platforms

F: Cluster Interconnect Overview

F: Infiniband Performance Review

F: A New Distributed Security Model for Linux Clusters

F: Implementing Clusters for High Availability

F: Scaling Linux to Extremes: Experience with a 512-CPU Shared Memory Linux System

F: Quantian: A Single-System Image Scientific Cluster Computing Environment

F: Cluster Computing in a Computer Major in a College of Criminal Justice

Guru Sessions
M: Embedded Linux

T: Deploying Commercial DB on Linux

T: NFS Deployment for High Performance

T: Lessons from the Trenches: Enterprise Wireless LANs

W: High-Performance Linux Clusters

W: Deploying Samba

W: How to Talk with a VC

R: Deploying the Lustre Cluster File Systems

R: Sysadmin Management/General

F: Practical IPv6 Deployment

F: Experiences with Voice over IP

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