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Monrose Dear Colleague,

You're invited to join us at the 18th USENIX Security Symposium, August 10–14, 2009, in Montreal, Canada. USENIX Security '09 will help you stay ahead of the game by offering cutting-edge research on topics ranging from malware detection through applied cryptography to securing Web apps and more.

The USENIX Security '09 training program can help you learn the latest on topics such as:

  • Building Secure Android Applications
  • Learning Reverse Engineering: A Highly Immersive Approach (2-Day Class)
  • Securing Citrix XenServer and VMware ESX Server

Experts such as Patrick McDaniel, William Enck, Golden G. Richard III, Frank Adelstein, and Phil Cox will give you the information, techniques, tools, and strategies you need to practice effective security today—and tomorrow.

Don't miss the keynote address, "Android: Securing a Mobile Platform from the Ground Up," by Rich Cannings of the Google Android Project.

The invited talks cover a number of timely topics, including:

  • "Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2008: 'What's possible, not probable,'" by Jeremiah Grossman, WhiteHat Security
  • "Modern Exploitation and Memory Protection Bypasses," by Alexander Sotirov, Independent Security Researcher
  • "How the Pursuit of Truth Led Me to Selling Viagra," by Vern Paxson, International Computer Science Institute and University of California, Berkeley
  • And more...

The 26 refereed papers present the new research in a variety of subject areas, including memory safety, RFID, network security, and attacks on privacy.

Join colleagues with similar interests for thought-provoking discussions at the evening Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.

Share a provocative opinion, interesting preliminary work, or a cool idea that will spark discussion at the poster session. To submit a poster, please send a 1–5 page proposal, in PDF or PostScript, to by Friday, June 12, 2009.

Get a preview of next year's news or present your own new work and get audience feedback at the Work-in-Progress reports (WiPs). Speakers should submit a one- or two-paragraph abstract to by 6:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

Whether you're a researcher, a system administrator, or a policy wonk, come to the 18th USENIX Security Symposium to find out how changes in computer security are going to affect you. Please register today!

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal, August 10–14, 2009.

For the USENIX Security '09 Program Committee,

Fabian Monrose, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
USENIX Security '09 Program Chair

P.S. Workshops will be held in conjunction with the main conference. EVT/WOTE '09 will take place August 10–11. CSET '09 and WOOT '09 will take place on August 10. HotSec '09 and MetriCon 4.0 will take place on August 11.

P.P.S. Help us promote! Please help us spread the word by displaying a button and distributing flyers.

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