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Call for Papers
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USENIX Security '09 Call for Papers

How and Where to Submit Refereed Papers

Papers are due by Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 11:59 p.m. PST (firm deadline). All submissions will be made online via the Web form. Submissions should be finished, complete papers.

Paper submissions should be about 10 to a maximum of 20 typeset pages, formatted in 1 column, using 11 point Times Roman type on 12 point leading, in a text block of 6.5" by 9". Papers that do not abide to the page limit risk rejection without review. Once accepted, papers must be reformatted to fit in 8 to 16 pages in a 2-column format, using 10 point Times Roman type on 12 point leading, in a text block of 6.5" by 9". If you wish, please make use of this LaTex style file and sample tex file (see the corresponding PDF here) when preparing your paper for submission. The page limits are intended to include the bibliography and any appendices. Reviewers may not take into consideration any portion of a submission that is over the stated limit.

Paper submissions must not be anonymized.

Submissions must be in PDF format (i.e., processed by Adobe's Acrobat Distiller or equivalent). Note that LaTeX users can use the "dvipdf" command to convert a DVI file into PDF format. Please make sure your submission can be opened using Adobe Acrobat 4.0.

To insure that we can read your PDF file, authors are urged to follow the NSF "Fastlane" guidelines for document preparation and to pay special attention to unusual fonts. For more details, see:

All submissions will be judged on originality, relevance, correctness, and clarity. In addition to citing relevant published work, authors should relate their submission to any other relevant submissions of theirs in other venues that are under review at the same time as their submission to the Symposium. Simultaneous submission of the same work to multiple venues, submission of previously published work, or plagiarism constitutes dishonesty or fraud. USENIX, like other scientific and technical conferences and journals, prohibits these practices and may, on the recommendation of a program chair, take action against authors who have committed them. In some cases, program committees may share information about submitted papers with other conference chairs and journal editors to ensure the integrity of papers under consideration. If a violation of these principles is found, sanctions may include, but are not limited to, barring the authors from submitting to or participating in USENIX conferences for a set period, contacting the authors' institutions, and publicizing the details of the case.

Authors uncertain whether their submission meets USENIX's guidelines should contact the program chair,, or the USENIX office,

Papers accompanied by nondisclosure agreement forms will not be considered. Accepted submissions will be treated as confidential prior to publication on the USENIX Security '09 Web site; rejected submissions will be permanently treated as confidential.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by Monday, April 13, 2009. The final paper due date is Tuesday, June 2, 2009 (firm deadline). Each accepted submission may be assigned a member of the program committee to act as its shepherd through the preparation of the final paper. The assigned member will act as a conduit for feedback from the committee to the authors.

All papers will be available online to registered attendees prior to the conference and will be available online to everyone starting on August 12, 2009. If your accepted paper should not be published prior to the event, please notify

Specific questions about submissions may be sent via email to the program chair at

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