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Accepted WiPs

The following WiPs will be presented on Monday, December 8, 2008, 4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m., in the Paradise Ballroom.

Multikernel: An Architecture for Scalable Multi-core Operating Systems
Simon Peter, Adrian Schupbach, Akhilesh Singhania, Andrew Baumann, and Timothy Roscoe, ETH Zurich; Paul Barham and Rebecca Isaacs, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Transcendent Memory: Re-inventing Physical Memory Management in a Virtualized Environment
Dan Magenheimer, Chris Mason, David McCracken, and Kurt Hackel, Oracle Corporation

Towards Less Downtime of Commodity Operating Systems: Reboots with Virtualization Technology
Hiroshi Yamada and Kenji Kono, Keio University

TeXen: Virtualization for HTM-aware Guest OSes
Christopher Rossbach, UT Austin

SnowFlock: Cloning VMs in the Cloud
H. Andres Lagar-Cavilla, University of Toronto

CPU Scheduling for Flexible Differentiated Services in Cloud Computing
Gunho Leo, UC Berkeley, Byung-Gon Chun, Intel Research Berkeley; Randy H. Katz, UC Berkeley

Toward Differentiated Services for Data Centers
Tung Nguyen, Anthony Cutway, and Weisong Shi, Wayne State University

TCP Incast Throughput Collapse in Internet Datacenters
Yanpei Chen, Junda Liu, Bin Dai, Rean Griffith, Randy H. Katz, and Scott Shenker, University of California, Berkeley

Gridmix: A Tool for Hadoop Performance Benchmarking
Runping Qi, Owen O'Malley, Chris Douglas, Eric Baldeschwieler, Mac Yang, and Arun C. Murthy, Yahoo! Inc.

CrystalBall: Predicting and Preventing Inconsistencies in Deployed Distributed Systems
Masyam Yabandeh, Niola Knezevic, Dejan Kostić, and Victor Kuncak, EPFL

Coscheduling of I/O and Computation in Active Storage Clusters
Saba Sehrish, Grant Mackey, and Jun Wang, University of Central Florida

Honor: A Serializing On-Disk Writeback Buffer
Rick Spillane, Chaitanya Yalamanchili, Sachin Gaikwad, Manjunath Chinni, and Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University

Zeno: Eventually Consistent Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Atul Singh, MPI-SWS/Rice University; Pedro Fonseca, MPI-SWS; Petr Kuznetsov, TU-Berlin/T-Labs; Rodrigo Rodrigues, MPI-SWS; Petros Maniatis, Intel Research Berkeley

Scalable Fault Tolerance through Byzantine Locking
James Hendricks and Gregory R. Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University; Michael K. Reiter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Fault Tolerance for Free
Taylor L. Riche and Allen Clement, The University of Texas at Austin

Writing Device Drivers Considered Harmful
Leonid Ryzhyk and Ihor Kuz, University of New South Wales

CitySense: An Urban-Scale Open Wireless Sensor Testbed
Ian Rose, Matthew Tierney, Geoffrey Mainland, Rohan Murty, and Matt Welsh, Harvard University

WiFi-Reports: Improving Wireless Network Selection with Collaboration
Jeffrey Pang and Srinivasan Seshan, Carnegie Mellon University; Ben Greenstein, Intel Research Seattle; Michael Kaminsky, Intel Research Pittsburgh; Damon McCoy, University of Colorado

S3: Securing Sensitive Stuff
Sachin Katti, Andrey Ermolinskiy, Martin Casado, Scott Shenker, and Hari Balakrishnan

Communities as a First-class Abstraction for Information Sharing
Alan Mislove, MPI-SWS/Rice University; James Stewart, Krishna Gummadi, and Peter Druschel, MPI-SWS

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