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Monday, November 6, 4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m., Emerald Ballroom

Accepted WiPs

Nikolaos Michalakis, Taking the Trust out of Global Scale Web Services

Maxwell Krohn, Information Flow for the Masses

Ya-Yunn Su and Jason Flinn, AutoBash: Hammering the Futz out of System Management

Iulian Neamtiu and Michael Hicks, Dynamic Software Updating for the Linux Kernel

Troy Ronda, iTrustPage: Preventing Users from Filling out Phishing Web Forms

Bianca Schroeder and Garth A. Gibson, Failures in the Real World

Marek Olszewski, Keir Mierle, Adam Czajkowski, and Angela Demke Brown, Dynamically Instrumenting Operating Systems with JIT Recompilation

Christopher R. LaRosa, Pattern Mining Kernel Trace Data to Detect Systemic Problems

Dejan Kostic, Spectrum: Overlay Network Bandwidth Provisioning

Kurt B. Ferreira, Ron Brightwell, and Patrick Bridges, An Infrastructure for Characterizing the Sensitivity of Parallel Applications to OS Noise

David Essary, Limits of Power and Latency Reductions by Intelligent Grouping

Cristian Tapus, David Noblet, and Jason Hickey, Distributed Filename Look-up using DNS

Atul Singh, Petros Maniatis, Peter Druschel and Timothy Roscoe, Bounded Inconsistency BFT Protocols: Trading Consistency for Throughput

Yougang Song and Brett D. Fleisch, EyesOn: A Secure File System that Supports Intelligent Version Creation and Management

Charles Reis, Robust Isolation of Browser-Based Applications

Arati Baliga, Stealth Attacks on Kernel Data

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