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Internet Access

USENIX is pleased to offer free wireless Internet access for NSDI '11. There are two networks:

  • "usenix": open, insecure, and available in all meeting spaces on 802.11b/g frequencies
  • "usenix-wpa": WPA2 password: NSDI12SanJose!—more secure, available in most meeting spaces on 802.11b/g/a frequencies

USENIX does not warrant the security or privacy of information conveyed on the wireless network and recommends the use of encryption. Computers provided for registration may be used for general Internet access after 9:00 a.m. and before 4:00 p.m. daily. A printer is available in the registration area and can be used via the registration computers or via the IP address listed on the front.

Jobs Board

Browse the postings or post a job on the Jobs Board in the Republic Foyer.

NSDI '11 Technical Sessions Videos

Videos of the NSDI '11 technical sessions will be available to all symposium attendees and USENIX members shortly after they happen.

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