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Poster Session Chair: Charles Killian, Purdue University
Thanks to Petros Maniatis, Intel Research Berkeley, for assisting in the review of poster submissions.

Accepted Posters

The following posters will be presented during a reception on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, from 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m., in Regency 1 Room. Some posters will include demos, as noted below.

Analyzing the Zeus Toolkit
Areej Al-Bataineh and Gregory White, University of Texas at San Antonio

Managing Clouds in Cloud Platforms
Kamal A. Ahmat, City University of New York; Hassan Gobjuka, Verizon

DCR: Deterministic Replay for Datacenter Debugging
Gautam Altekar and Ion Stoica, University of California, Berkeley

Peeking into the Cloud: Toward User-Driven Cloud Management
Theophilus Benson, Aditya Akella, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Sambit Sahu and Anees Shaikh, IBM Research, T.J. Watson

Unmanned Estrus Detection of Cows Using USN System
Sang Yoon Kim, Jung Tack Seo, and Chan Young Park, Hallym University, South Korea

Haceph: Scalable Metadata Management for Hadoop Using Ceph
Esteban Molina-Estolano, Amandeep Khurana, Carlos Maltzahn, Ben Reed, and Scott A. Brandt, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Yahoo!, Inc.

vSnoop: Improving TCP Throughput in Virtualized Environments via Acknowledgment Offload
Sahan Gamage, Ardalan Kangarlou, Ramana Rao Kompella, and Dongyan Xu, Purdue University

Massively-Parallel Packet Processing with GPUs to Accelerate Software Routers
Sangjin Han, Keon Jang, KyoungSoo Park, and Sue Moon, KAIST

A Low Cost Data Center Network
Chi-Yao Hong and Matthew Caesar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

P3CA: Privacy Preserving Traffic Anamoly Detection for ISP Networks
Shishir Nagaraja, Virajith Jalaparti, Matthew Caesar, and Nikita Borisov, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Correcting Routing Failures Using Declarative Policies and Argumentation
Poster Plus Demo

Palanivel Kodeswaran, Anupam Joshi, and Tim Finin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Filip Perich, Shared Spectrum Company

AirLab: Distributed Infrastructure for Wireless Measurements
Vinod Kone, Mariya Zheleva, Mike Wittie, Zengbin Zhang, Xiaohan Zhao, Ben Y. Zhao, Elizabeth M. Belding, Haitao Zheng, and Kevin C. Almeroth, University of California, Santa Barbara

Silverline: Toward Confidentiality in Third-Party Clouds
Krishna P.N. Puttaswamy, Christopher Kruegel, and Ben Y. Zhao, University of California, Santa Barbara

De-anonymizing BitTorrent Users on Tor
Stevens Le Blond, Pere Manils, Abdelberi Chaabane Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Arnaud Legout, and Claude Castellucia, INRIA

Nexus: An Operating System for the Cluster
Benjamin Hindman, Andy Konwinski, Matei Zaharia, Ali Ghodsi, Anthony D. Joseph, Randy Katz, Scott Shenker, and Ion Stoica, University of California, Berkeley

DC2: Scalable Distributed Communication Middleware for the Cloud
Karthik Nagaraj, Hitesh Khandelwal, Ramana Kompella, and Charles Killian, Purdue University

Prometheus: Distributed Management of Geo-Social Data  Poster Plus Demo
Nicolas Kourtellis, Joshua Finnis, Paul Anderson, Jeremy Blackburn, and Adriana Iamnitchi, University of South Florida

Balancing Resource Pooling and Equipoise in Multipath Transport   Poster Plus Demo
Costin Raiciu, Damon Wischik, and Mark Handley, University College London

Internet Measurements with Prespecified Timestamps
Justine Sherry, Mary Pimenova, and Ethan Katz-Bassett, University of Washington; Harsha V. Madhyastha, University of California, San Diego; Arvind Krishnamurthy and Tom Anderson, University of Washington

A User Authentication Service for Twitter
Bing Wei, Alessandra Sala, and Ben Y. Zhao, University of California, Santa Barbara

Revealing the Complex Commercial Relationships between ASes Using PoP-Level Connectivity
Yuval Shavitt, Udi Weinsberg, and Noa Zilberman, Tel Aviv University

Orion: A Graph Coordinate System for Shortest Path Estimation
Xiaohan Zhao, Alessandra Sala, Christo Wilson, Haitao Zheng, and Ben Y. Zhao, University of California, Santa Barbara

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