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2008 Linux Storage & Filesystem Workshop Call for Position Statements

2008 Linux Storage & Filesystem Workshop
February 25–26, 2008
San Jose, CA

Co-located with the 6th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST '08), which will take place February 26–29, 2008

Important Dates
Submissions due: December 3, 2007
Notification of invitation: January 7, 2008

Workshop Organizers

Program Chair
Chris Mason, Oracle

Program Committee
Jens Axboe, Oracle
James Bottomley, Hansen Partnership
Zach Brown, Oracle
Jonathan Corbet,
Valerie Henson, VAH Consulting
Trond Myklebust, NetApp
Ric Wheeler, EMC

The Linux Storage & Filesystem Workshop is a small, tightly focused, by-invitation workshop. It is intended to bring together developers and researchers interested in implementing improvements in the Linux filesystem and storage subsystems that can find their way into the mainline kernel and into Linux distributions in the 1–2 year timeframe. The workshop will be two days and will be separated into storage and filesystem tracks, with some combined plenary sessions.

Topics and Submissions
The workshop will focus on collaboration and code implementation details. A number of projects under active development will be discussed, along with problem areas in the Linux storage stack.

Developers who are interested in attending can submit a short position statement describing the topics they feel should be discussed. A small number of presentations will be accepted, but the bulk of the workshop will focus on discussions and problem solving. The position statements only need to indicate an area of interest and a desire to participate in topic debates.

Examples of topics of interest include:

  • Power management
  • Filesystem scalability, testing, features, and repair
  • Storage failure statistics and recovery methods
  • Proposed improvements to existing Linux storage subsystems
  • Storage management, including DM and FS integration
  • Storage futures
  • SSD optimizations
Submissions must be in plain text and must be submitted via the Web submission form. The submissions are intended as discussion topic proposals, not refereed papers. Invited workshop attendees will not be required to present their position statements during the workshop.

Topic Leaders
Anyone interested in leading the discussion on a specific topic can volunteer in their position statement to be a topic leader. Topic leaders should also nominate attendees who are interested in contributing to a given subject.

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