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LISA '03: 17th Large Installation Systems Administration Conference, October 26-31, 2003, San Diego, CA
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Program Chair
Æleen Frisch, Exponential Consulting

Program Committee
David N. Blank-Edelman,
Northeastern University

Gerald Carter,
HP/Samba Team

Alva Couch,
Tufts University

Michael Gilfix,

Joshua Jensen,
Red Hat, Inc.

Douglas P. Kingston,
Deutsche Bank, London

Mario Obejas,

Joshua S. Simon,

David Williamson,
Certainty Solutions

Elizabeth D. Zwicky,
Great Circle Associates

Invited Talks Coordinators
Esther Filderman,
The OpenAFS Project

Deeann Mikula,

Security Content Coordinator
Lynda True,
Northrop Grumman

Networking Content Coordinator
William LeFebvre,
CNN Internet Technologies

Training Program Coordinator
Daniel V. Klein,

The Guru Is In Coordinators
Lee Damon,
University of Washington

Adam Moskowitz,
Menlo Computing

Workshop Coordinator
John Orthoefer,
Tufts University

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The annual LISA conference is the meeting place of choice for system and network administrators. System administrators of all specialties and levels of expertise meet at LISA to exchange ideas, sharpen old skills, learn new techniques, debate current issues, and meet colleagues and friends. People come from over 30 different countries to attend LISA. They include a wide range of system and network administrators working in the full spectrum of computing environments—large corporations, small businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, and so on—as well as many full- and part-time students.

The conference's diverse group of participants is matched by an equally broad spectrum of activities:

  • Training for both beginners and experienced attendees covers many administrative topics, ranging from basic procedures to using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Technical sessions present the latest developments and ideas related to system and network administration.
  • Invited Talks and Panels discuss important and timely topics in depth, and typically include lively and/or controversial debates.
  • Work-in-Progress reports (WiPs) provide brief looks ahead to next year's innovations. LISA also makes it easy for people to interact in more informal settings:
  • Noted experts answer attendee questions at Guru Is In sessions.
  • LISA participants discuss/celebrate/commiserate about a shared interest at Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions.
  • Vendors answer questions and offer solutions at the Exhibition.
Finally, LISA offers the opportunity for informal discussions among participants on both technical and non-technical topics (sometimes called the "hallway track"). LISA is a place to learn and to have fun!

The Keynote address will be given by Paul Kilmartin, Director, Availability and Performance Engineering at eBay, Inc.

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