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DevOps Workshop

DevOps Workshop

Co-located with USENIX FCW '11 on Monday, June 13, 2011

The business value of DevOps: This is the "why we are sitting here" part. The DevOps lifecycle is fundamentally about getting change (i.e., new ideas) from developer check-in to where it's running in a customer-facing environment. This is also the key business process of the company/division/organization. Therefore DevOps problems are fundamentally breaking/slowing/constraining the business. Seeing this problem domain as one end-to-end business problem helps fight siloization. DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that was started about two years ago. The movement is primarily a reaction to many of the leading-edge technology advances made in infrastructure over the past few years. This movement examines the cultural and behavior patterns that appear in the process of driving agile development into "agile operations." The DevOps Workshop will be a two-part event with the first part consisting mainly of lecture and theory. The second part will be delivered as a set of group-based labs called DevOps Modeling. With DevOps Modeling, the workshop attendees will be divided into teams of 3–4. Each team will be responsible for a specific process of a DevOps Model based on lecture and theory. At the end of the second part, each team will showcase its process to the rest of the attendees. Note: registration for the DevOps Workshop is separate from FCW '11. For more information go to

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