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FAST '04 — Abstract

Pp. 45-58 of the Proceedings

Buttress: A toolkit for flexible and high fidelity I/O benchmarking

Eric Anderson, Mahesh Kallahalla, Mustafa Uysal, and Ram Swaminathan, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories


In benchmarking I/O systems, it is important to generate, accurately, the I/O access pattern that one is intending to generate. However, timing accuracy ( issuing I/Os at the desired time) at high I/O rates is difficult to achieve on stock operating systems. We currently lack tools to easily and accurately generate complex I/O workloads on modern storage systems. As a result, we may be introducing substantial errors in observed system metrics when we benchmark I/O systems using inaccurate tools for replaying traces or for producing synthetic workloads with known inter-arrival times.

In this paper, we demonstrate the need for timing accuracy for I/O benchmarking in the context of replaying I/O traces. We also quantitatively characterize the impact of error in issuing I/Os on measured system parameters. For instance, we show that the error in perceived I/O response times can be as much as +350% or -15% by using naive benchmarking tools that have timing inaccuracies. To address this problem, we present Buttress, a portable and flexible toolkit that can generate I/O workloads with microsecond accuracy at the I/O throughputs of high-end enterprise storage arrays. In particular, Buttress can issue I/O requests within 100µs of the desired issue time even at rates of 10000 I/Os per second (IOPS).

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