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FAST '03, 2nd Conference on File and Storage Technologies
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Session Chair: Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Parallel Extensions to DAFS Protocol
Peter Corbett, NetApp

World-wide Repository for I/O Trace Collection and Analysis Tools
Arnold Jones, Storage Networking Industry Association

The Zettabyte File System
Matt Ahrens, Jeff Bonwick, Val Henson, Mark Maybee, Mark Shellenbaum, Sun

Running NFS over RDMA
Brent Callaghan, Sun

Performance Comparison of Two Disk Failure Tolerant Disk Arrays
Chunqi Hun, Alexander Thomasian, NJIT

Mirrored Disk Scheduling Revisited
Alexander Thomasian, Junilda Spirollari, Chang Liu, Chunqi Hun, Gang Fu, NJIT

Using SATF Scheduling in Real-Time Systems
Lars Reuther, Martin Pohlack, Dresden University

Using a Vector-Based Approach to Predict Performance of Distributed Storage Systems
Alexandra Fedorova, Margo Seltzer, Harvard University

Dumb storage devices seek smart cluster storage system software
Christian Saether,

The Storage Transport Protocol
Pat Shuff, Texas A&M

Testing for Distributed Filesystems
Richard Hedges, Bill Loewe, Tyce MccLarty, Chris Morrone, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Clusterfile: A Parallel File System
Florin Isaila, Guido Malpohl, Vlad Olaru and Walter F. Tichy, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Decentralized recovery for survivable storage systems
Ted Wong, CMU

Federation of Local File System Data into a Shared-Disk Cluster File System
Anjali Prakash, Randal Burns, Johns Hopkins University

An Analytic Power and Performance Model of Disk Arrays with Power Management
Dennis Colarelli and Dirk Grunwald, Colorado

Federated DAFS: Scalable Cluster-based Direct Access File Servers
Murali Rangarajan, Suresh Gopalakrishnan, Ashok Arumugam, Rabita Sarker, Rutgers University; Liviu Iftode, University of Maryland

Synthetic I/O Workload Generation based on the Hurst Parameters of the sequences aggregated in specific sizes
Junkil Ryu and Chanik Park, POSTECH, Korea

Transparent Page Cache Coherence support for Linux-based Stackable File Systems
Manish Prasad and Erez Zadok, SUNY Stony Brook

A self-tuning, self-protecting, self-healing session state management layer
Benjamin C. Ling, Stanford

Decoupled Storage: Free the Replicas!
Andy Huang, Stanford

Norm Pass, IBM Almaden

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