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USENIX Security '11

Thanks to those of you who joined us in San Francisco, CA, for CSET '11!
Check out the online proceedings and slides of the workshop program and the workshop reports from ;login:.

CSET '11 was held in conjunction with the 20th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security '11), August 8–12, 2011.


Program Co-Chairs
Sean Peisert, University of California, Davis, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Stephen Schwab, USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI)

Program Committee
Matt Bishop, University of California, Davis
Elie Bursztein, Stanford University
Ron Dodge, U.S. Military Academy
Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University
Deborah Frincke, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Cynthia Irvine, Naval Postgraduate School
Angelos Keromytis, Columbia University
Christian Kreibich, International Computer Science Institute
Patrick Lardieri, Lockheed Martin ATL
Ulf Lindqvist, SRI International
Mark Matties, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Sean Smith, Dartmouth University
Jessica Staddon, Google, Inc.
Ed Talbot, Sandia National Laboratory
Robert Watson, University of Cambridge Computing Laboratory

Steering Committee
Terry V. Benzel, USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
Jelena Mirkovic, USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI)

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