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Come Celebrate Our 25th!

Dear Colleague,

The USENIX Annual Technical Conference has always been the gathering place for like minds in the computer industry, a place to meet peers and experts and share solutions to common problems.

Meet Linus Torvalds, who will be hosting the Linux BoF.

Our tutorials feature top-of-the-line instructors offering techniques and technologies that you can put to immediate use. Topics? Hackers and you; how to automate your Web site maintenance; the latest on Sendmail; administering and fine-tuning your systems--Linux, Samba, Solaris, NT; managing people as well as machines; and much more.

High-quality refereed papers are the cornerstone of this conference's reputation for cutting-edge, technically excellent research. Presentations will include new work from Bill Cheswick, Rob Pike, and Margo Seltzer, and the latest research results on operating systems, tools and techniques for dealing with the system infrastructure headaches.

Among the many invited talks, you'll hear expert witness Edward Felten of Princeton University talking on the Microsoft Antitrust Case, Steve Deering of Cisco Systems talking about IP, and Miguel de Icaza talking about the GNOME Project.

The very popular FREENIX track is devoted to *BSD, Linux, X11-based graphical user interfaces, and the full range of freely redistributable software.

In our Keynote, Bill Joy, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems, will discuss his vision of the future of computing. At our Closing Session you'll hear Thomas Dolby Robertson, Founder of Beatnik, Inc., as our special guest speaker.

small_chris Join us in San Diego, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary and pave the way for future innovators.

For the USENIX 2000 Organizing Committee,
Christopher Small,
Osprey Partners LLC
Program Chair

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