Optimizing Storage Performance for 4–5 Million IOPs

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 11:35 am12:00 pm

James Smart, Broadcom


New workloads and Storage Class Memory (SCM) are demanding a new level of IOPs, bandwidth, and driver optimizations in Linux for storage networks. James Smart will discuss how the lpfc driver was recently reworked to achieve a new level of driver performance reaching 5+ Million IOPs. James will discuss hardware parallelization, per-core WQs, interrupt handling, and shared resource management that will benefit both SCSI and NVMe over Fabrics performance. James will show performance curves, discuss Linux OS issues encountered, and work yet to do in Linux to improve performance even more.

James Smart, Broadcom

James Smart is currently a Distinguished Engineer at Broadcom responsible for the architecture of Broadcom's Fibre Channel Linux stack. James has worked in storage software and firmware development for 32 years. James is a member of T11 and the NVM Express standards groups. James is also the author and maintainer of the Linux SCSI and NVME FC transports as well as the maintainer of Emulex Linux lpfc driver.

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