SkillDetective: Automated Policy-Violation Detection of Voice Assistant Applications in the Wild


Jeffrey Young, Song Liao, and Long Cheng, Clemson University; Hongxin Hu, University at Buffalo; Huixing Deng, Clemson University


Today's voice personal assistant (VPA) services have been largely expanded by allowing third-party developers to build voice-apps and publish them to marketplaces (e.g., the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms). In an effort to thwart unscrupulous developers, VPA platform providers have specified a set of policy requirements to be adhered to by third-party developers, e.g., personal data collection is not allowed for kid-directed voice-apps. In this work, we aim to identify policy-violating voice-apps in current VPA platforms through a comprehensive dynamic analysis of voice-apps. To this end, we design and develop SkillDetective , an interactive testing tool capable of exploring voice-apps' behaviors and identifying policy violations in an automated manner. Distinctive from prior works, SkillDetective evaluates voice-apps' conformity to 52 different policy requirements in a broader context from multiple sources including textual, image and audio files. With SkillDetective , we tested 54,055 Amazon Alexa skills and 5,583 Google Assistant actions, and collected 518,385 textual outputs, approximately 2,070 unique audio files and 31,100 unique images from voice-app interactions. We identified 6,079 skills and 175 actions violating at least one policy requirement.

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