SYMSAN: Time and Space Efficient Concolic Execution via Dynamic Data-flow Analysis


Ju Chen, UC Riverside; Wookhyun Han, KAIST; Mingjun Yin, Haochen Zeng, and Chengyu Song, UC Riverside; Byoungyoung Lee, Seoul National University; Heng Yin, UC Riverside; Insik Shin, KAIST


Concolic execution is a powerful program analysis technique for systematically exploring execution paths. Compared to random-mutation-based fuzzing, concolic execution is especially good at exploring paths that are guarded by complex and tight branch predicates. The drawback, however, is that concolic execution engines are much slower than native execution. While recent advances in concolic execution have significantly reduced its performance overhead, our analysis shows that state-of-the-art concolic executors overlook the overhead for managing symbolic expressions. Based on the observation that concolic execution can be modeled as a special form of dynamic data-flow analysis, we propose to leverage existing highly-optimized data-flow analysis frameworks to implement concolic executors. To validate this idea, we implemented a prototype SYMSAN based on the data-flow sanitizer of LLVM and evaluated it against the state-of-the-art concolic executors SymCC and SymQEMU with three sets of programs: nbench, the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge dataset, and real-world applications from Google's Fuzzbench and binutils. The results showed that SYMSAN has a much lower overhead for managing symbolic expressions. The reduced overhead can also lead to faster concolic execution and improved code coverage.

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