Security Research and Public Policy

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 1:40 pm–2:30 pm

Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Adjunct Professor of Information and Law, UC Berkeley


A number of federal and state agencies have entered the cybersecurity arena, imposing prescriptive rules or general duties of care on companies to protect information. These agencies face challenges in enforcement target selection, in evaluating companies’ responses to breaches, and in explaining nuanced information problems to courts. This talk will give an overview of the regulatory developments, explain their strategies, and elucidate paths for academic security experts to engage with governments effectively.

Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Adjunct Professor of Information and of Law, UC Berkeley

Since 2006, Chris Hoofnagle has been a full-time faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, now with joint appointments in the Schools of Law and of Information. He has taught cybersecurity, privacy and security forensics, computer crime law, internet law, privacy law, and a seminar on the Federal Trade Commission. He is the author of Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press 2016). An elected member of the American Law Institute, Chris is of counsel to Gunderson Dettmer LLP, and serves on boards for 4iQ and Palantir Technologies.

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