Attacking the Brain: Races in the SDN Control Plane


Lei Xu, Jeff Huang, and Sungmin Hong, Texas A&M University; Jialong Zhang, IBM Research; Guofei Gu, Texas A&M University


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has significantly enriched network functionalities by decoupling programmable network controllers from the network hardware. Because SDN controllers are serving as the brain of the entire network, their security and reliability are of extreme importance. For the first time in the literature, we introduce a novel attack against SDN networks that can cause serious security and reliability risks by exploiting harmful race conditions in the SDN controllers, similar in spirit to classic TOCTTOU (Time of Check to Time of Use) attacks against file systems. In this attack, even a weak adversary without controlling/compromising any SDN controller/switch/app/protocol but only having malware-infected regular hosts can generate external network events to crash the SDN controllers, disrupt core services, or steal privacy information. We develop a novel dynamic framework, CONGUARD, that can effectively detect and exploit harmful race conditions. We have evaluated CONGUARD on three mainstream SDN controllers (Floodlight, ONOS, and OpenDaylight) with 34 applications. CONGUARD detected totally 15 previously unknown vulnerabilities, all of which have been confirmed by developers and 12 of them are patched with our assistance.

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