Detecting Android Root Exploits by Learning from Root Providers


Ioannis Gasparis, Zhiyun Qian, Chengyu Song, and Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, University of California, Riverside


Malware that are capable of rooting Android phones are arguably, the most dangerous ones. Unfortunately, detecting the presence of root exploits in malware is a very challenging problem. This is because such malware typically target specific Android devices and/or OS versions and simply abort upon detecting that an expected runtime environment (e.g., specific vulnerable device driver or preconditions) is not present; thus, emulators such as Google Bouncer fail in triggering and revealing such root exploits. In this paper, we build a system RootExplorer, to tackle this problem. The key observation that drives the design of RootExplorer is that, in addition to malware, there are legitimate commercial grade Android apps backed by large companies that facilitate the rooting of phones, referred to as root providers or one-click root apps. By conducting extensive analysis on one-click root apps, RootExplorer learns the precise preconditions and environmental requirements of root exploits. It then uses this information to construct proper analysis environments either in an emulator or on a smartphone testbed to effectively detect embedded root exploits in malware. Our extensive experimental evaluations with RootExplorer show that it is able to detect all malware samples known to perform root exploits and incurs no false positives. We have also found an app that is currently available on the markets, that has an embedded root exploit.

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