A Dual Approach to Accountability Engineering

Thursday, 12 October, 2023 - 14:0014:20

Anthony Sandoval, Reddit Inc.


Perhaps you've found yourself drawing teams on a whiteboard and thought: "Things would be better if SRE at my $companyName was structured like this."

You might be right, but you're probably wrong. It's likely not a restructuring you need, but rather securing agency and a diffusion of accountability. SRE's prevalence in an era dominated by microservices shouldn't be surprising. The DevOps movement spread responsibilities across previously established boundaries, and created a nebulous space riddled with confusion and a lack of clear ownership.

How can SRE teams be both philosophical and pragmatic?
Should SRE teams be principals or partners?
Does a performant SRE team promote or punt?

Please permit me to persuade you on your process of prioritization.

Anthony Sandoval, Reddit Inc.

Anthony has been leading infrastructure and SRE teams for the past decade at Groupon, GitLab, and Reddit, where his focus has been establishing SRE during preiods of rapid organizational growth. Prior to which, he was an amateur technologist working in advertisting, market research, and political consulting. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife, their two children, and very little dog.

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